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You probably came across my LinkedIn or my Instagram account or maybe a friend or colleague  (or even I!) told you about me. Whatever it is,  I believe that you’ve come to the right place, at just the right time.

It doesn’t matter who you are, how put-together or messed up you are. It also doesn’t matter where you are right now. Whethere you’re at the peak of your career, in between jobs or starting up your own business. 

You might be a corporate employee seeking growth or transition in your career.

You might be a business leader seeking solutions to weather through tough times personally or professionally or provide better support your people.

You might be a parent striving or struggling to keep a balance between your work, your family and your own needs.

Come as you are, and start where you are. It’s a good place.

I’m grateful you’re here, and I am happy to be of service to you.

From IT Professional to Career & Life Coach

Hi, I’m Kurly!

I graduated with a degree in Computer Science in one of the country’s top universities. Like most graduates, I pursued a career where I can apply my skills. I spent a good 12 years having the best corporate career, rising up the ranks and making a name for myself.

In my thirties, I retired from my corporate job. Perhaps, like you, I realized I was tired. I stepped out of my comfort zone and pursued what I’ve always wanted — to help people realize their potential, reconnect with their purpose, discover their passion and pursue their dreams.

This is how I got into the world of coaching and consulting. But as the world is constantly evoling, and I too am constantly becoming, it doesn’t end there….

More about me

Who can I help?

Leaders & Founders

Being a leader does not mean that you have to do things by yourself. Discover how you can maximize your own strengths, eliminate personal and business barriers and create an environment that brings out the best in  your team. 

Leaders create the culture. So let's start with seeing who you are as a leader and move towards who you want to be.

Transitioning Professional

Professionals go through different changes in their careers. Some changes planned or desired like a promotion or a career shift, other changes unplanned or undesired like job loss or change in management. Navigating through these changes might require a new or improved set of skills, but it doesn't end there. Making change work for you and using these skills means that the transformation must happen within. 

Parents & Caregivers

Parenting is a full time job. Period. Regardless of whether you're a homemaker or a working-parent, the lifelong demands of parenting can take a toll on you. And then there's the guilt you feel whenever  you finally give yourself a break or a chance to fulfill your own dreams. Let's work through navigating the inner conflicts so that you can give yourself the permission to still be you, while being the best parent you can be.

Graduates & Young Professionals

Entering the real world outside the university, can be scary. Suddenly, you're faced with big decisions like choosing between job offers, making investments, moving to a different country, bills and everything else that comes with #adulting. Let's ease into this phase by putting one foot infront of the other in a pace and in ways that are truly aligned with what you really want. 

How can I help you?

Career and Life Coaching

What would you do if you weren’t afraid? Let’s talk about your ultimate dream career. Let’s talk about what you love about your job. Let’s talk about what you wish would be better. Let’s talk about that one big goal you have in your life. Let’s talk about your “someday list”. Let’s talk about what scares you.  But we will not stop there. Together we uncover insights and discoveries. Together we create a plan to move forward. That is what coaching is about.

Online Personality Assessments

People are not one-dimensional. We are highly complex beings with several “layers” of uniqueness that make us whole. Take one or more of these assessments to help you discover, understand, better articulate and validate behavior, motivations/passions and decision-making tendencies (judgment), and schedule a consulting/coaching session with Kurly.

Then use these as a springboard to calibrating your compass, creating your plan and  charting your path.

Online and In-Person Workshops

Workshops are carefully designed with YOU in mind. A combination of approaches is used to ensure that participants are engaged, content is relevant, and learnings are applied.

Choose from one of the public offerings or let’s customize one for your company, organization or even a group of friends.

Professional Service.

Personal Touch.

I understand that trusting someone is not easy. So let me help you decide.

15 Years of combined Corporate & Coaching Experience

Positive Client Feedback

Authentic & Passionate

Credentialed by the International Coach Federation

Certified in DISC and Birkman Personality Assessments

World-class Experience

Affiliations and Memberships

What Clients Say

“Thanks Coach Kurly! Talking to you was enlightening and I had many realizations. Excited for day 1 back to work! Keep inspiring! You are awesome.”

Name withheld by request


DISC assessment made me realize so many things about myself. When Coach Kristine explained the results of my assessment, it almost made me feel like I was having an a-ha moment. It has not only made me understand myself more but it has also allowed me to identify the different personalities of my team members. What’s more important is that I was able to come up with action points on how we can work effectively as a team

Name withheld by request


Very effective communicator and facilitator. Activities are fun and engaging. Sessions were never boring.

Name withheld by request

Quality Supervisor, BPO, Philippines

News and Articles

Halfway through Homeschool

Halfway through Homeschool

So we’re half-way through the first year of our homeschool and I’m happy to finally sit down and write about it. I intended to write about “Why we chose to homeschool” during our first month, but I’ve been neck-deep with work and chores and thought that the topic might not be relevant anymore. But for what it’s worth, let me just start with that.

Closing Cycles and My Top 5 Lessons Learned

Closing Cycles and My Top 5 Lessons Learned

Last week, we just closed off two significant milestones in consulting, and we’re about to close one more in the coming week. Prior to my 1-on-1 session with our director, she sent me a list of questions to reflect on, and one of them was about the learnings I gained from the project. As I thought about it, it’s amusing that all the lessons that popped in my mind were mostly personal rather than technical.

“Just be grateful,” they said…

“Just be grateful,” they said…

There’s this post going around in social media which says something about being grateful if you have a job now, because there are many others who have lost theirs. It goes on by giving examples of how you should push yourselves further to be more productive, more efficient and perform better in your job. Well, it may not be the intent, but it is how it comes across to me.

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