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Coaching is best understood when experienced. 

It’s time to take ownership of your career

Whether you are a professional working in an organization, a freelancer involved in one or more projects, a coach like me or a business owner, let me tell you that you are in control of your career, the same way as you are in control of your life. 

Yes, there might be things that are beyond us, but there is so much power also that we hold within us. 

It’s time to get unstuck and get moving. 

We’re never victims of circumstances unless we ourselves believe so. It’s just that sometimes being stuck feels so convenient and comfortable even if it makes us unhappy. 

But guess what? You have a choice and you are capable to get moving. 

It’s time to ask for help.

I get it, you love to DIY your way through your career because maybe you love learning and you love the experience. I am like that too! But if your DIY-ing hasn’t gotten you yet to where you want to be, and you’re using even more resources (time, money, energy) than you wanted, then maybe it’s time to ask for help!

And that’s why I’m here.

From IT Professional to Career & Life Coach

Hi, I’m Kurly!

I started my career like most graduates, in a company where I can apply my skills. I spent a good 12 years having the best corporate career, rising up the ranks and making a name for myself. While I did well in many things, there’s one thing that filled my heart with joy more than anything else… helping people grow and develop in their career.

In my thirties, I retired from my corporate job. Perhaps, like you, I realized I was tired. I stepped out of my comfort zone and pursued what I’ve always wanted — to help people realize their potential, reconnect with their purpose, discover their passion and pursue their dreams.

Entering into the world of professional coaching wasn’t easy. I knew nothing and no one. What I knew was that I have the passion and commitment to make it happen.

So here I am.

I help professionals get unstuck, navigate through their careers and move towards what’s most meaningful to them.

I help new coaches get started in their coaching practice and business.

More about me

Choose your track

Career Strategy & Navigation

Professionals go through different changes in their careers. Some changes planned or desired like a promotion or a career shift, other changes unplanned or undesired like job loss or change in management. Navigating through these changes might require a new or improved set of skills, but it doesn't end there. Making change work for you and using these skills means that the transformation must happen within. 

New Coach Onboarding Program

Starting a career in coaching can be both exciting and scary.... especially if you don't know anyone in the field (yet) and friends or family are clueless about what you're getting into. I. felt. that. way. too.

Let's walk side-by-side in this journey in a mentor-coach relationship as you get trained, certified, credentialed and start your coaching business. It can be done and you can do it.

Other Programs and Services

Life Coaching

Feel like you’ve tried all the advice you received but nothing seems to work? I get you. You see, we’re all different. There’s really no one-size-fits-all blueprint for success or happiness. Life coaching will help you not only create your own answers but also help you rewire your internal operating system so you can make sustainable change.

Career Coaching & Mentoring

Career Coaching and Mentoring is not just about writing resumes and preparing for job interviews. The most critical first step is defining and designing your own career vision. After all, what’s the use of getting started and driving fast if you’re going to the wrong direction, going in circles or following the wrong map?

Online Personality Assessments

People are not one-dimensional. We are highly complex beings with several “layers” of uniqueness that make us whole. Take one or more of these assessments to help you discover, understand, better articulate and validate behavior, motivations/passions and decision-making tendencies (judgment), and schedule a debrief+coaching session with Kurly. Learn more here.

Workshops and Group Events

Workshops are carefully designed with YOU in mind. A combination of approaches is used to ensure that participants are engaged, content is relevant, and learnings are applied.

Choose from one of the public offerings or let’s customize one for your company, organization or even a group of friends. Reserve a slot.

Speaking Engagements

Looking for someone to speak in your leadership or team conference or event? Coach Kurly works closely with her clients ensuring that the talk is relevant, purposeful and engaging. Get in touch with Coach Kurly.

Mentor Coaching

Book a 1:1 session or join a group session to help you prepare for your ICF ACC credential, continuously improve your coaching skills, enter into the world of coaching or start your coaching business. 

Still exploring? ma

Professional Service.

Personal Touch.

I understand that trusting someone is not easy. So let me help you decide.

16 Years of combined Corporate & Coaching Experience

Positive Client Feedback

Authentic & Passionate

Credentialed by the International Coach Federation

Certified in DISC and Birkman Personality Assessments

World-class Experience

Affiliations and Memberships

What Clients Say

“Thanks Coach Kurly! Talking to you was enlightening and I had many realizations. Excited for day 1 back to work! Keep inspiring! You are awesome.”

Name withheld by request


DISC assessment made me realize so many things about myself. When Coach Kristine explained the results of my assessment, it almost made me feel like I was having an a-ha moment. It has not only made me understand myself more but it has also allowed me to identify the different personalities of my team members. What’s more important is that I was able to come up with action points on how we can work effectively as a team

Name withheld by request


Very effective communicator and facilitator. Activities are fun and engaging. Sessions were never boring.

Name withheld by request

Quality Supervisor, BPO, Philippines

News and Articles

Autumn Grief

Autumn Grief

This month, as multiple projects kicked off, I saw my freedom slowly being blown away like burnt-colored leaves falling from the trees in Autumn. All that I love and valued -  full control of my schedule, the space to create and innovate, the joy of learning and...

Halfway through Homeschool

Halfway through Homeschool

So we’re half-way through the first year of our homeschool and I’m happy to finally sit down and write about it. I intended to write about “Why we chose to homeschool” during our first month, but I’ve been neck-deep with work and chores and thought that the topic might not be relevant anymore. But for what it’s worth, let me just start with that.

Closing Cycles and My Top 5 Lessons Learned

Closing Cycles and My Top 5 Lessons Learned

Last week, we just closed off two significant milestones in consulting, and we’re about to close one more in the coming week. Prior to my 1-on-1 session with our director, she sent me a list of questions to reflect on, and one of them was about the learnings I gained from the project. As I thought about it, it’s amusing that all the lessons that popped in my mind were mostly personal rather than technical.

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