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We spend a third of our lives working.


A bad day at work can spill over into heated arguments at home, a downward spiral of self-criticism, and lower productivity and performance. All of which, can again lead to another bad day at work. 

You’re not alone–I’ve been there, too. I’ve been confused, lost and yearning for something that fulfills me and aligns with who I am and who I am becoming. And I’m here to tell you that it can be done.


Yes, you can confidently and consistently thrive in your career.


Let me guide you through the exact steps you can take towards clarity and more meaning.

Hi, I’m Kurly, career and leadership coach

I’m on a mission to help professionals uncover their biggest potential and pursue a career path with purpose and fulfillment.


Before becoming a coach, I was living the 9-to-5 as a corporate professional for over a decade. While it was a fulfilling career, deep down I knew something was missing. My ultimate dream was nothing but a footnote to a life I thought I wanted.


One day I decided to fully embrace it; diving headfirst into the unknown, I was met with challenges and setbacks… Feeling stuck, disheartened and broken. But living from one change to another, I learned that what truly enables, empowers and evolves stem from within.


I’m here to help you go through that transition so you can finally do what you’re meant to do. 

Are you ready to finally take control of your career?



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