“Claim it!” or “I am claiming it”

I hear this all the time when I hear people talk about their dreams. Dictionary.com defines “claim” as “to maintain as true”. In this context, it means you have to believe that your dream has already happened, or that it is there, waiting to happen.

But, do we really claim it?

For a couple of months now, I’ve been telling my husband and my son that I want to have a red car. I would joke around saying that I need to take driving lessons (again!), we need another car seat, and so on. Last month, we decided to go to car dealers to check out cars that meet my husband’s standards (i.e. 6 airbags, isofix, good brand, not assembled in china, and so on…) and my only requirement – nice shade of red. So we went there and took some photos too.

After careful thought, we decided not to pursue buying a car YET. Why? Long story, but the bottom line is that, we prefer to put some of our teeny weeny extra money in long term investments instead. Maybe I’ll talk about that in another post.

There goes my red car.

A week ago, I was playing “pretend” with my son. We were pretending that I’m working in my office, and he’s in his office too. He called to ask me to come over. I said, “Sure, how do I go there?” He said, “You drive your red car.”

I laughed at first, because well, I don’t have a red car, and I’m not getting one soon. But deep inside, I was moved, bothered, awaken…. by this little boy. There is so much faith in him. Looking back, this is not the only time he has shown how he claims his dreams and wishes, no matter how big or small they are.

Thank you, love, for claiming it for me. J Many times, I have doubts and fears… But each time I think of that moment, I tell myself, “Go ahead, Kurly. Claim it, like your son does.”