If you’ve been involved in a project, you might have heard of the word checkpoint. Simply put, a checkpoint is when your team gets together and assess how far you’ve gone vis-à-vis your goal. Are you on track? Do you need more resources? Are there any issues or risks that need to be addressed? Simple and straightforward.

Ever tried having a checkpoint for yourself?

What happened to your new year’s resolution of losing 10 lbs by summer (hey, it’s way past summer already)? What happened to your goal to save Php20,000 before Christmas? Have you started your passion project already?

A few weeks ago, I had my own checkpoint. I realized that it’s been 2 months already since I changed directions and switched gears in my career. Has it really been 2 months?! Did I make any progress? Uh oh.

So here’s what I did. I asked myself 4 simple questions.

  1. What are (or were) my goals for the period (could be the year, the quarter, etc)
  2. What have I accomplished so far?
  3. What could I have done better?
  4. What are my goals for the next 3-6 months?

After writing down all my answers in my all-around notebook (I use it for anything and everything that needs to be written), I felt relieved. Phew! My 2 months did not go to waste! *Happy dance* I realized that the first 2 months of this change period was spent on investment (time, resources, knowledge, tools) which was necessary to build a good foundation for my next steps.

After going through this activity, I am now more confident because…

  1. I know I spent the last 2 months well (though there are things I could still improve on)
  2. I am clear with my next steps

Go ahead, try it and let me know what you think! When you do answer the questions though, think of ALL aspects of your life that matters to you. It can be your career, your financial position, your family (or other relationships), your home, etc. J You’ll also realize which aspects of your life need more attention – for me, it’s my health!