Despite having househelp at home, I am still very hands-on when it comes to planning the family’s menu and making sure we have the necessary supplies. Why? I need to do it because this is closely linked to budget, which is of course, very critical. Haha. And I want to do it because this is my act of service to the family to make sure that we are all well-fed. 🙂

So let me share with you how I do it. In the photo, you’ll see 3 sheets of paper (never mind the handwriting) and a pen (with 3 colors!).

  • The white sheet of paper is for the weekly menu
  • The peach sheet of paper for the daily menu
  • The green sheet of paper for the supplies needed


At the end of each week, I make a list of dishes for the next week. This list goes to the weekly menu (white paper). Note that I do not assign specific dishes per day so I allow some flexibility when there’s leftover food, when we eat out, when there’s food delivery, etc. Right after completing the menu, I make the market list – meat, seafood and vegetables.

Every night, I prepare the menu for the next day (see peach paper). I place this on the fridge for the helper to refer to. I also transfer the meat/seafood for the day’s menu from the freezer to the fridge to allow it to defrost overnight.

Now what’s the green paper for? Each time we run out of stock of something (which may or may not be urgent) I write it down on this green sheet. For example, if we already opened the last tube of toothpaste, I make sure to write it down so that we can buy it the next time we go to the supermarket. Or if there are adhoc things we need like batteries or ballpens, then I put it down here as well. Of course, it is important that when you prepare your grocery list or before you leave home for the mall, you check the list so you know if there’s anything you need to buy. (We used to have a whiteboard where we listed these supplies).

So there you go! 🙂 Maybe next time, I’ll also share how I prepare our grocery list. (Yes, grocery list is different from market list. Haha!)

And oh, if you’re wondering where I get our menu, I just google! My favorite sites are Panlasang Pinoy and Kawaling Pinoy. I copy recipes and print them for our helper to use as reference. J Sometimes I customize them according to preference.

Happy planning!