October reminds me of Performance Review Season in my previous company. So for those of you who are going through the same, here are some of my tips.

  • Review your goals. It would be good if you can document your accomplishments per goal. if you have other accomplishments that are not necessarily tied up to a certain goal, write them down as well as a separate section/bullet in your performance review document.
  • Provide context to your results. Don’t just say you resolved 100 tickets, provide other details like the complexity of those tickets. You might have a colleague who has resolved 200 simple/easy tickets, but if you’ve done 100 highly complex tickets successfully, then that’s definitely more significant.
  • Always focus on the value of your accomplishments, not just the activity. If you say “I developed a new process”, it doesn’t really say much about how that process has helped your team or your company. Ask yourself “so what?” You can say instead “I developed a new process that reduced turn-around time by 50%”
  • Cite any special notes/commendation received from key stakeholders
  • Prepare a powerpoint presentation even if it is not required. Yes, you read it right. Prepare a presentation when you meet up with your manager to discuss your performance results. This will not only show that you have prepared for this well, but it also helps him/her better see and understand your accomplishments
  • Keep in mind that your manager is not a mind reader, and he/she may have forgotten some of the things you’ve done or discussed before. This is a good time to remind him/her about the big project that you completed successfully, and the new role you are considering in the next quarter.
  • Be open to feedback. Feedback is a gift. 🙂
  • And oh, it would help if you have a little note (hard or softcopy) where you can write things down t each time you accomplish something. This way, you wouldn’t have a hard time recalling all that you’ve done during the year

I hope these tips have helped you! If you have questions, feel free to drop me a note.