Looking back at 2017, I realized that we spent MOST (like 95%) of weekends in malls – doing groceries, buying gifts, buying stuff for the home and…. visiting the toy store. Yes, weekends meaning Saturday AND Sunday! Mid-year we realized we’ve been spending a lot (of time and money) so we went out only on either a Saturday or a Sunday. Phew!

This year, we’re doing something different. A trip to the mall is unavoidable and at some point necessary, especially when you NEED to buy stuff from the supermarket, hardware or bookstore. So on some weekends, we chose to do something else.

Fish feeding and boat ride in Solenad, Nuvali

We’ve been to Nuvali several times before, but last time our little boy fed fish was about 2 years ago. So we decided to go on an early trip (well, early for us!) to Solenad one Saturday morning and we brought yaya along (so she can see the place too). It was a very relaxed morning without any errands to think about. We fed the fish, rode the boat and had breakfast. Quick, easy and stress free!

1 small pack of fish food costs P20, the “exclusive” boat ride costs around P240 if I remember correctly.

Painting session at Sip & Gogh

My son saw a travel show on TV where the host went to Hong Kong and went to a shop where she got to paint in a huge canvass. One morning, the little boy woke up saying he wants to go to Hong Kong to paint! Haha. Not a simple wish. Initially, the frustrated artist in me was thinking of buying a canvass and some paint. But I realized it might be better to visit Sip & Gogh instead. So we scheduled a trip on a Sunday and opted for the “Open” class where we can choose what we want to paint. I’ve actually been wanting to try this for some time now, but my husband has zero interest in it. So yeah, both me and my son enjoyed the session. Hubby was there too, enjoying his beer. We’ll definitely come back!

Check out https://www.sipandgogh.com to view the schedules and book a slot.


Philippine Airforce Museum (PAF) Museum Visit

I heard of the PAF Museum several years ago when I was scouting for a pre-nup shoot venue and also a reception venue. Hubby is a pilot-wannabe so we considered a “top gun” theme for our pre-nup shoot. To cut the story short, we ended up doing a studio shoot instead. Fast forward to today, we decided to take our little boy to the PAF Museum. He’s quite fascinated with airplanes, jet planes and cannonballs so this seems like a good option. We went there on a Saturday morning and paid just 20 pesos per head. Hooorray! The indoor museum is great with a lot of real planes, airforce memorabilia, engine/plane models, etc. There is an outdoor park (which I think is free) with bigger planes and a helicopter. We ended the “tour” eating ice cream before going for lunch. Both of my boys enjoyed this a lot.

PAF Museum is located near NAIA Terminal 3. It is open from Monday to Friday for the whole day, and on Saturdays until 12 noon.