Owning our story and loving ourselves through the process is the bravest thing that we will ever do. – Brené Brown

Each of us has a story to tell. A story of learning to walk, riding a bike, a favorite pet, first love, a nerve-wrecking job interview, heartbreak, losing a loved one, a new baby and so on.

I’ve had my shares of ups and downs too…

  • Got scolded by my teacher in pre-school for making my classmate cry
  • Delivered a speech during kindergarten graduation for being most outstanding in class
  • Fell off a bike
  • Lost a dear cousin at a young age
  • Had dengue and managed to still represent my grade level in “Mother Earth Contest” (and won first place)
  • Did not get selected for a role I wanted during a school play
  • Was less than a point away from being valedictorian during highschool and also from being magna cum laude in high school
  • Lost during student council elections
  • Received my share of bashing and trash talk
  • Almost failed our thesis during the early part
  • Got into a great company
  • Lost some of my grand parents
  • Felt hopeless with my weight gain and received offensive comments
  • Had quarrels with my then-boyfriend, now-husband
  • Felt a lack of acceptance or even hatred from colleagues
  • Got buried in debt after debt after debt
  • Bought a house and built a home
  • Had a streak of misfortune hiring reliable househelp
  • Left my job and got lost in the process
  • Rediscovered my passion and my true self
  • And the list goes on….

I cried a lot. I went crazy a few times (lol). I celebrated with loved ones. I fell down many times, but managed to pick myself up. It isn’t easy, and neither is it perfect. But this is my story, and I am proud of it. Despite mishaps and shortcomings in the past, I know I am better now, and I know there’s always something better (than best) that’s yet to come. I did not do it alone – I had my family (immediate and extended), my coach and mentors, and my God.

So my friend, if you’re feeling down and low, and nothing seems to be right, just embrace it, feel it, experience it…. Then move on, and keep moving. This is your story, and this is who you are. It’s the best story you can tell.