It’s almost Moving Up Day and I just realized how many costumes we’ve put together for one school year!

I’ve always enjoyed doing creative stuff for parties, office events and the like. When the time came that I had to come up with a costume for my son, I thought “why not?”

My costume-making journey started even before pre-school when my son was 3 years old and told me he wants to be Optimus Prime for our company’s annual Trick or Treat activity. I already had an Airforce Pilot costume I ordered from the US ready for him to wear. It was then that I realized that we’re at the stage where mommy no longer gets too choose his costume or his birthday cake.

So here’s what I made – a transforming Optimus Prime costume!  This was made from a big shoe box, paper, paint and old rubber playmats.

In pre-school, we made several costumes too.

For Science Week, he wanted to be Romeo (from the cartoon PJ Masks). We just bought a plain white shirt and pieces of cloth. The hardest part was sewing the gloves!

For Linggo ng Wika, I asked what “kind” of costume he wanted to wear and what color. I have limited sewing skills so all I did was to source the fabric and make a sketch. We had our neighborhood dressmaker make it.

For Halloween, he initially said he wanted to be a Zombie. I said, cool, that should be easy… Just need to wear worn out shirt and pants and put make up on. When the school said their theme is pirates, he said he wanted to be Captain Hook! Luckily, we found some of our old props (from his first birthday) which he was able to use. Again, I sketched the design and asked the dressmaker to make it. Turned out pretty cool, huh?

And lastly, for Literacy Week, with the theme Fantastic Fables, he said he wanted to be a crocodile. This one I made from cartolina and colored papers. Incidentally, his bike helmet is green so it worked well for his head piece. 🙂


By the way, we also made this Spongebob costume for fun. We had a huge paperbag from Japan Home and I thought we could make it into something interesting. We had fun painting this together.

That’s a wrap now for this school year. But maybe we’ll come up with crazy ideas too for the summer! The possibilities are endless! With a little imagination and help from Pinterest, you can make all the costume your child wants.

Happy DIY-ing!