About 7 months ago, my life became more “wahmderful” because I became a WAHM – Work At Home Mom. Although, I did work from home often while I was still in my corporate job, it was still a big change for me. I was talking to a fellow mom and a great mompreneur, Monica (@mommyemporium) last night and I was just telling her how I am still finding my groove. You see, everything is different when you are your own boss and you work in the comforts of your own home.

  • Temptation is all around. There’s the bed, the kitchen, and for me also the garden (where I always like to spend more time). How can I get things done when the bed is just one meter away from me and there’s always chocolates in the refrigerator?
  • The only person I’m accountable to (work-wise) is myself. Because I do freelance coaching and training, I set my own deadlines and work schedules. Except when I have trainings, then I know I need to get my presentation ready by a certain date.
  • I feel a tinge of guilt because I am home, yet I’m working, and I feel I should be spending more time with my little one.
  • When I walk around the house, I always see something that needs to be done. There are toys lying around, old clothes that need to be sorted, bills that need to be paid, some furniture waiting for a make-over, photos that need to be framed, and so on. It’s so easy to get distracted.


When I think about it, it all boils down to knowing my priorities and being more intentional. Just like in corporate, I have my planner and my calendar to keep things organized. I have setup a separate work station too. I choose days when I accept evening client calls, and days when I spend extra time with the little one. I choose when to say yes and when to say no, based on my priorities. I do my best as much as possible to be intentional and not simply go with the flow, or with the first thing that comes to my mind.

Sometimes, client meetings and workshops eat up my Saturdays. And I also have volunteer work as a facilitator for our barangay’s drug rehabilitation program every Sunday. If I am not intentional and mindful, these activities could easily take over my life and take away my family time. I set my own rules and I make my own choices. When I have commitments on Saturdays, I make sure I adjust my Sunday accordingly and spend time with the boys…. Or choose a different day to make it up to them.

Despite the craziness and uniqueness each day brings, I’m still more thankful than ever for the flexibility of this setup. It allows me to play all the roles in my life – a wife, a mom, a coach, a trainer, a homemaker, a gardener, and so on.