Last week, my son’s class was asked to come to school wearing their pajamas or sleepwear for Pajama Day. A few days before, we went through his dresser and selected the “best” we could find. We realized that he already outgrew most of the nice sets (“terno”) so we’re left with mostly the PJ’s from these sets and his plain shirts with doodles. We also stopped buying sets, and bought plain shirts instead because he enjoyed drawing on his shirts. We also asked him to choose which one he likes to wear to school. 👕

When I sent him off to the school bus, I saw some of his classmates wearing cute pajama sets. I admit that I felt a bit worried thinking that he might feel bad about what he was wearing — no popular cartoon character design, just a pair of striped (slightly faded) pajamas and a green shirt with drawings of our family and his school. 😟 I texted my husband and made a mental note to buy nice pajamas the next time we go shopping. 🛍️

When the little boy got home, I asked him how it went. He said he enjoyed it. I asked him who wore the best or the nicest pajamas (this is my way of knowing how he felt about what he was wearing… not to encourage competition)… And you know what he said? He said, “Me”. ❤️💗💖

In my mind I said, “Case closed.” 📁

Wow. It’s amazing what we learn from kids. 👏 It’s also sad how we constantly try to dress up for other reasons than being ourselves. He’s right. The teacher told them to wear THEIR sleepwear, and not a “costume”. It’s but right for him to wear what he really wears at night. It’s genuine. It’s authentic. It’s real. It’s him. It’s the best. And that’s all that matters.

What’s your #ootd? Are you wearing your authentic self today? 🧐👗

#begenuinelyyou #beauthentic #welearnfromkids