Last year, on Black Saturday and also my birthday, my parents invited me to join them at the Feast Alabang District’s Holy Week Recollection. Since then, we joined different Feasts as irregular nomad attendees. That went on for a month, until we decided to keep going to the Bellevue AM session with Bro. Arun Gogna.

I don’t remember clearly what triggered us to attend regularly, but it’s most likely because it was one of the most difficult times in my life. I just left my corporate job of 12 years. It was my decision, yes but I will not deny that the transition was difficult and painful. I was sad about leaving my job. I was grateful for the opportunity to be home more often. I was scared of the unknown future. I was excited to pursue a new career. I was reluctant to leave my comfort zone. All these emotions consumed me. I remember crying my heart out during worship, and at times even during the talk. I prayed so hard for strength and courage. Slowly, the emptiness I felt was filled. I gained the courage to face my fears. I strengthened my faith. I found refuge in the Lord through the Feast. We found a home every Sunday. My son even made a new friend, whom he looks forward to play with every week. His parents became our friends too. The Feast has become a regular part of our lives.

Until things changed.

I volunteered as a Facilitator for our barangay’s drug rehabilitation and anti-relapse program. It was in line with the coaching career I was building, and it was something I felt passionate to do. Our sessions were initially scheduled on Saturdays but we found out that some of the participants had work on Saturdays, so we had to move our sessions to Sundays instead… Sunday mornings to be exact. It broke my heart to pieces. I knew in my heart that God had sent me this mission to help these drug surrenders in their journey towards change.  I also knew that I still need the spiritual nourishment I get from The Feast. I prayed so hard. I was so emotional attending our “last” Feast. I prayed for guidance, and I prayed for strength.

We decided then to attend The Feast Bellevue PM sessions instead whenever my volunteer work ended early. On some Sundays, I’d excuse myself so I can attend the morning Feast with the family. Other Sundays, we play the recorded session on TV and let our household watch as well. God has a beautiful way to make things work.

And here we are now, just a few days away from another Holy Week Recollection. Things have definitely changed. I have now courageously stepped out of my comfort zone, pursued my passion and transitioned to a new career. I am now a certified Transformative Coach, by God’s grace. The pain from months ago has healed. The future is still unknown, but I’m certain that God has the best plans waiting for me.

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