“One day, I’m going to have my own billboard in EDSA!”

Have you ever had wild and crazy dreams like that? Well I do, but I never dreamed of a billboard in EDSA though. I once dreamed of being featured in college in one of those posters that say “Proudly LaSallian” though, but not EDSA. I dreamed of many things. I dreamed of driving a nice SUV. I dreamed of being a sexy mama (I’m working on that, LOL). I dreamed of having my own family. I dreamed of working in a prestigious company and earning big bucks. The list goes on.

There were also things I told myself I never want to do or be.

Back in college, I told myself I never want to be a teacher (perhaps because I think that I don’t have the patience to teach). But when I started working, I found myself being sent to Florida, 6 months into the job, to attend a technical (Yes, TECHNICAL!!!!) IT training. From the training I attended, I was asked to develop a training program that will be used to onboard new hires as we grow and expand our team. And so I did it. After all, who wouldn’t want an all expense paid business trip to the US, right?! Haha. The Onboarding Program I created, turned out quite well and we grew our team 200% of our original size. I was happy because I was able to breakdown complex topics (on Microsoft Software Packaging) into something fresh graduates would understand. Since then, I got more exposure to delivering trainings.

Talking in front of a crowd is not new to me. Back in high school, we had a very good speech and debate program that not only taught us to speak well, but also built our confidence. So I went on with conducting trainings as a volunteer on top of my day-to-day job as a people manager. After several years, I landed a position that allowed me to manage the end-to-end training management process. And while I enjoyed all the roles I had in corporate, this is the one that I love most. And my second love is my role as a people manager where I get to mentor my team and see them grow.

I also volunteered as a lector & commentator in our parish. With all the exposure I got, I was pretty sure I can proclaim God’s word clearly and confidently during mass. It was good use of my talent, and it was also a very good experience for me as I deepened and strengthened my faith. After a little more than 9 years though, I left. I was a new mother back then and I couldn’t commit to the time the ministry requires of me.

Today, I am a freelance trainer and a life coach. I do not conduct technical trainings anymore, but now focus on professional and soft skills workshops.  Through the years, I realized that what I really love most is talking to people, sharing what I know, and listening to them, with the hope of inspiring them to be the best they can be. Where I am now allows me to do exactly what I love, not just as a professional, but also as a mom, a wife and a person. I’ve been asked to come back and become a lector again. I politely declined. I am now a volunteer facilitator of our community’s drug rehabilitation and relapse prevention program. If you ask me, this actually requires more of my time than my previous volunteer work. But I do it anyway because I feel that this is the mission God sent me to do, and this is something I am passionate about.

It’s amazing how all the puzzle pieces are falling into place. But as you can see from my story, it’s not a one-day process. It took years to discover with many stops and starts. Upon graduating from college, it seemed like there’s a default career path defined for you based on your degree. It’s really great now that there are more and more resources out there that help you discover your passion. If you’re looking for something that will help you jumpstart your passion discovery journey, sign up now for my free eGuide “Discover your Passion”. It is not a short cut, but it will definitely help you set a good foundation towards what it is that you really LOVE.

Discover it. Live it. Experience it. Decide to do it.

Imagine what you can do, if you start now.