Here’s a story that might sound familiar to you. Racquel worked her way up the so-called corporate ladder. She’s in a job that gives her more than enough to pay the bills, her loan and some luxuries. She made good friends at work, and met all her targets. And yet, something doesn’t feel right.

Is she going the right way?
Is it time to make a U-turn?
Is she facing a dead end?

Sometimes, we get carried away by things happening around us, or within us (i.e. our emotions). Before we rush right into making a decision, try to understand first where this desire to quit is coming from. Who knows, maybe what we really need is a break.

  1. When did I start feeling this way?
  2. What triggers me to feel this way?
  3. If things were different and circumstances were in my favor, would I still think of quitting?
  4. If I quit, would I regret this decision a few months or years from now?
  5. What do I get if I quit?

If after going through these questions, there is still something missing. Then try discovering what it is that you really want to do, what it is that will make you happy, and what will make going through each day worthwhile.

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What makes it special?

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Your passion…. Discover it. Live it. Experience it. Decide to do it.

Imagine what you can do, if you start now.