Are you going through some changes in your life now that made you ask yourself who you really are? Perhaps you’re a new mom adjusting to motherhood. Or maybe you’re healing your wounded heart from a recent break up. Or you’re trying to recover from a financial crisis. Or you just left your job and aren’t sure where to go next. Or you just somehow feel lost.

Before you book that one-way ticket to Palawan for soul searching or head to your favorite buffet restaurant to stuff yourself, try this one out. It’s FREE and you do it at the convenience of your own home.

Last Saturday, I conducted a session on Discovering your Best Self during the Women Empowerment Summit: Dress for Success. It was a day filled with laughter, chatter, new found friends, good food, new knowledge and inspiring stories of women. I love how the stories of Che, Joy and Divine on pursuing their passion and succeeding in their chosen all began with a discovery of oneself and one’s purpose.

So here’s the good news! I am doing this talk again Discovering your Best Self: A Journey Within for FREE in an online session on Thursday, April 26. Limited slots only as I intend to keep the group small for better interaction among participants.

This is perfect for you if…

  • You’re going through or about to go through change(s) in your life
  • You have past experiences that have affected you (in a good or bad way)
  • You have a goal but feel like there’s something stopping you
  • You are uncertain where you’re headed or what you should be doing


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