Is there something (or someone) you want to pursue? Then this book is for you! It can be a dream you’ve kept in your pocket, a business you’ve been wanting to start up, a new lifestyle or fitness regimen you want to begin, a skill you want to learn, a book you want to write, or a part of you that you want to share. But maybe because of, well, life (and everything that goes with it), we somehow find ourselves stuck and unable to move forward.

This eBook will help you…

  • Discover or re-discover that dream / goal
  • Determine what’s stopping you
  • Assess your readiness
  • Come up with a plan to reach your dreams

This eBook is yours for as low as Php 250. Great value! It’s like going through an in-depth $50 coaching session, at your own time and pace. After filling up this form, you will receive an email with the details on how to pay.

I’m excited for what you’ll discover and how far you’ll go!

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