Hey mom! I know how hard it is to manage a household, earn a living and take care of kids. A self-cleaning house and a self-cooking kitchen would definitely be great to have, right? 😆

But since we don’t have that yet, here’s a gift for you. 💋 You see, I’m a very hands on mom even with househelp. And after years of being in corporate managing projects, processes and people, I found that the same principles can be applied at home too. So here, I came up with some mommy templates and lists which I personally use. I’ve included templates for travel, home management, hiring a nanny, etc.

You can download it for FREE here:  https://kurlydeguzman.com/2018/02/21/mommy-lists/

🌸 And you can also join my special give-away for moms! I will be giving out copies of my eBook “PURSUE: Creating the Roadmap to your Dreams & Making the Journey Worthwhile” to 3 lucky winners, and a FREE coaching session to 1 lucky mom. This eBook and Coaching Session would definitely benefit moms who:

  • Have passion project or a goal they want to pursue
  • Are facing decisions or crossroads
  • Need clarity on certain life circumstances
  • Are looking for a sense of fulfillment

To join, just comment on the Free Gift/Contest photo in my FB/Instagram page, the reason why you LOVE being a mom and I will get in touch with you for details. Last day to join is May 12.