The world of motherhood is an interesting one. I asked one of my favorite mommy groups to share their favorite motherhood memes and here are some of them.


When a woman becomes a mom, she gains new skills.

She takes multi-tasking to the next level, and learns to do things with one hand only.

She can even get a job as a voice actor.

She has laser sharp vision that enables her to find anything and everything that her kids or husband cannot.

She has the ability to hide a whole chocolate bar in her mouth.


It’s amazing how these skills are learned even when her brain works like this.


She has a new kind of bag in her collection – eyebags! Sometimes it’s a gift from her husband (who gets all the Zzzzz’s at night)

She develops a new set of fears.


And she gets a new name too! Because it ALWAYS has to be mom….


 There are moments of regret too… Wishing she has done better during her younger days.

But the good news is, she’s got a #momsquad to back her up….


 … Or put her down.



But at the end of a long tiring day, moms realize that everything is worth it. 


Because mom’s love is the best kind of love.
Happy Mother’s Day!



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