So you’ve identified what you’re passionate about, you have invested on building your skills, you have the tools and resources to start up, but you’re still feeling uncertain.

I’ve been in that situation too. Whenever I feel this way, my mind is clouded with all sorts of thoughts. Can I do it? Am I really ready for this? What if I fail? What will my friends say? What if I’m not good enough? Who will support me? What if they think I’m crazy? Where do I start? … and so on.

These my friend, are what I call barriers and road blocks. We encounter them every single day, but for one reason or another, they seem magnified and larger than life when we’re out of our comfort zone and trying something new.

In my previous corporate work as a Training and Development Manager, I witnessed first hand how most employees and even managers willingly invest only on technical (or some call it “hard”) skills. What do I mean, if you’re in IT then maybe you invest on getting a Microsoft Certification. If you’re in the field arts, then you invest on Art Workshops.  If you’re in Sales, then you build skills on making effective presentations.

But these aren’t enough.

What good are all these skills if you can’t put them into practice because you’re scared, you lack confidence, you have doubts, and you have barriers that you can’t seem to break through.

This is what makes self-awareness and self-discovery essential. We probably already heard many versions of the quote “it starts with you.” And as cliche at may sound, it IS actually TRUE. You cannot do your best, if you’re not your best self.

Here’s an analogy.

If let’s say you want to drive to your favorite beach… You’ve got all your bags packed, you have a nice car, you have enough gas, you made reservations…. You thought you’re all ready, but when you wake up that morning, you feel terrible pain in your left leg that you can’t move. What do you do? Are you going to risk it and drive anyway? Or will you get help?

Just because you have the car and all that you need, it does not mean you’ll get to your destination. If one part of you does not feel right, you are still…. stuck!

There are many ways to get yourself unstuck, here are some that I’ve tried.

Quiet Time / Prayer Time – Sometimes, all we need to do is to quiet our minds and say a short prayer. Doing breathing or mindfulness exercises can help us relax, and connecting with God can give you the strength you need.

Writing – If you’re more visual, it helps to write things down. Write EVERYTHING down, your thoughts, your worries, your fears, etc. That way you can clearly see (with your eyes) what might be causing this state of being stuck. Try asking yourself tough questions. You can start with asking yourself “Why” and writing down your answer. Then work on writing down the possible solutions.

Grab a Book – I love reading books that empower and inspire me. It helps give me a different perspective and I also learn new things!

Get a coach – When I was starting off in my new career, I told myself I can manage on my own. I thought I had all that I need – a supportive family, my website, my certificate, my experience. I tried but then realized that my progress is slow and it’s like there’s strong force pulling me back. This is when I got myself a coach, and now, I can say that I am at my best, but I still know I can do better.

I hope this helps you 🙂

Your Coach,

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