Have you written down your goals or at the very least thought about it?

Now it’s time to check if you are on track.

You know, I’m a fan of writing (or sometimes, typing). It helps me organize my thoughts and really SEE my progress. Being #OC and sometimes forgetful (mombrain is real), writing has saved my life many times. You can ask my former colleagues, I’m one of the best meeting-minutes-taker. Haha.

Here’s an example of how writing has helped me.

Four months after I left the corporate world, I felt like time suddenly went by so fast. I felt a bit stressed wondering what progress (if any) I have made during those four months, other than gaining weight (which isn’t my goal, btw)! Lol. So I grabbed a pen and paper and wrote it down. Phew! I was relieved after that. I realized that while I did not see any  tangible evidence of progress or success, the past four months was spent on investment. In short I was sowing seeds for my new career. I attended workshops, took online courses, built my network, and gained experience. Business-wise, there was no income yet, which for some might be a sign of failure. But to me, investing, learning and growing are very important stepping stones to success.

Now it’s your turn. Write down what you’ve done so far in 2018. And when you write, write everything no matter how big or small it is. Just keep writing whatever comes to your mind and hold off judgment first. If let’s say your goal is to lose weight, and you’ve bought a new pair of rubbershoes, write it down as an accomplishment EVEN IF you have not even used it yet. If your goal is to setup a blog, and you already have your logo, write that down as well. If your goal is to learn calligraphy, and you’ve started following calligraphers in instagram, write that down as well, EVEN IF you have not enrolled in any class yet.

Acknowledge even the simplest and smallest actions you have done.

Share your thoughts with me or to your friends by tagging me in your post and using the hashtag #midyearboost. Feel free to send me an email too if you want me to look at your work.

Cheers to progress!

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