First of all, I would like to acknowledge you for checking out this link. It means that you are really serious about taking charge of your life and making positive changes.

I’ve started a new series called “Midyear Boost” and I thank you for giving yourself the gift of intention. Intention is what makes every single day of our lives more meaningful. Intention is when we literally and/or figuratively stop ourselves and make a conscious decision to do something. And participating in this #midyearboost series IS a conscious decision to take control of your life.


When I was in corporate, we had performance reviews in the middle of the fiscal year and at the end of the fiscal year. It helps us assess our progress against our goals, and make plans for the months ahead. Now that I’m self-employed and on my own, I find it even more useful to do this. So together let us look back and look ahead. This is useful for your career, business and your personal life.

When you sign up, I’ll be sending insights and tips that will help us review the past 5-6 months. Feel free to share with me your thoughts via email or by posting in your social media accounts using the hashtag #midyearboost and tagging me. I might be giving a surprise too!

Let’s all start by listing down all the goals we said we’ll do this year. Lose weight? Join a marathon? Eat healthy? Start a blog? Level up my business? Write a book? Get into a relationship? Have another baby?


And if you’ve reached this part of my post, well done! You’re definitely serious about pursuing your goals. This is why YOU are a perfect participant for the Midyear Boost Workshop this June. It is specifically designed for those who really want to turn their goals into results, and take the first intentional step to make it happen.