More than 20 years ago, in a small conference room of my high school, I attended a talk by the daughter of a prominent public figure at that time. She told us a story of how her mom started her career. You see, her mom is an outstanding graduate of one of the best international universities, but in her first job, she was assigned a very simple task of preparing a seat plan for a banquet dinner for VIPs in the government and private sector. She shared how her mom did not at all feel humiliated by the smallness of the task assigned to her, but instead used this as an opportunity to show them what she can do and what true excellence is about.

This story changed my life.

This story taught me how small beginnings, the right mindset and attitude, skills and the desire to do great can pave the way for a successful career.

I took this with me when I went to college and even when I started working. I’ve shared this with many of the employees I’ve mentored, and shared my own learnings, experiences and insights as well.

As a look back with a grateful heart, I want to share with you how I built a successful career not only for myself, but for others I’ve mentored as well.

Find out what steps I took that helped me land a job that paid me twice as much than my peers. Learn more about how I got promoted to team leader 6 months after getting hired as a fresh graduate. I’ll also share with you stories about how I got the highest performance rating 92% of the time throughout my career…. and more.

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