Today, we say good bye to our baggages. Think of something that you want to leave behind in the first half of 2018. It may be a bad habit, a bitter experience, a recent failure, a relationship, ill feelings toward someone, etc. If there are several, just choose one that you can really commit to letting go. Choose the one that has the most impact on you, your heaviest burden, the one that is making it hard for you to move forward.

Here are some tips you can use:

Burn it
You might have done this before during retreats and it’s something that actually works. Write down your baggage or burden on a piece of paper. Write all the feelings that you have. Cry if you need to. Shout if you need to. Then tear that piece of paper and burn it. As you do that, whisper a short prayer or say to yourself “I am leaving you behind.”

Plan your defense
This strategy works with a habit that you want to break. A habit is our natural way of doing something. We do it without thinking. But habits are learned. What we keep doing and practicing becomes a habit. So the best way to get rid of a habit is to intentionally replace it with a new one and practice it.  How? Let’s say you want to get rid of your habit of checking facebook first thing in the morning. (Who’s guilty?) First, identify what triggers you to check your phone. It might be your initial reaction upon opening your eyes to grab your phone and check the time. And before you know it, you’re opening facebook and spending a good 30 minutes doing that. Second, once you know what your trigger is, think of ways of how you WANT to respond to that trigger. Maybe you need to put your phone farther from you? Maybe you need to buy a wall clock? Or maybe you just need to be more CONSCIOUS the next time you open your eyes and grab your phone. You might have to literally tell yourself “Stop!” then proceed to doing something else, like maybe getting up and brushing your teeth. And as sports psychologists say, it takes 21 days to form a habit. So do that for the next 21 days. 🙂

What do you want to leave behind? Share with me via email or post it with the hashtag #midyearboost and tag me!

I hope this is helping you!