You’ve attended your 7th workshop on ______ (insert skill here – calligraphy, painting, entrepreneurship, blogging, social media marketing, leadership, etc), read your 3rd self-help book, spent 2 hours of practice everyday, but you still find yourself in the same place as you were before. You’re stuck… Or maybe you’re moving slowly. Taking one step forward and two steps back.

Several months ago, I found myself in a similar situation. I’ve invested a lot of time and money already on skill-building trainings, I made some progress with my brand (I have my logo, my domain, social media accounts and some nice photos), I joined special interest groups with the objective of learning and getting support, I read articles and books, I read success stories… but I was still STUCK. And not just stuck, I was also hiding. Even with a supportive family and some friends, I felt alone. I felt like something is pulling me back. I already had my formal training then on coaching so I tried to coach myself (gosh, it was hard!). I did EVERY thing, except get coached. “Why should I?,” I asked myself. “I can figure this out on my own. Besides, I’ve already invested on building my skills and I cannot afford to spend more on coaching.” Time was running out… I had requirements for my certification that I couldn’t complete, I was between jobs and need income, I left my comfort zone, I did not have a safety net, I do not have a backup plan. I felt that I had no choice, but to get a life coach (else I’d go crazy trying to self-coach myself). I booked for just one session, which eventually turned to three (yahooo!) and I’ll be booking more soon. The first session turned out to be VERY emotional, but at the end of it… wow, it was like 50kg burden was lifted off my shoulders. And just like that, I was unstuck. I completed my requirements, got my certification, regained my confidence, and opportunities just kept coming. 

I know you may have your hesitations too. Who wouldn’t? I’m a coach and yet I also had my own hesitations back then. Not having a stable job yet, I did not want to spend any more. Just like you, I thought that skills and tools were the only worthwhile investments. I was wrong. Looking back, it seems this happened to me for a reason. I’d be a hypocrite if I offered coaching services if I myself would not even consider investing on it. This experience brought me closer to my purpose… No… This experience IS my purpose. I’ve been there in that dark place, stuck and hiding. Now I’m here to hold your hand and help you get out and move forward.