It was June last year when I made the decision to leave my job. It was my choice. And even though it was, girl, I was soooo emotional during the decision-making process. In tears, I spoke to my husband and texted my mom. I knew that this was the perfect opportunity I was hoping and praying for. But it’s hard to leave behind your home for more than a decade. If I remember correctly, this was also the time I attended The Feast regularly with my family. I was crying every time during worship, while singing songs of hope and trust. I was scared. I was confused. I was sad. I was also happy and thankful.

It’s been a year since I made that decision and I never regretted it. I’m grateful with what I have right now. I have the opportunity to do something I love with the flexibility that allows me to be the first to say “good morning” to my son, and to say a bed time prayer with the family. My heart is full every time I see the sparkle in the eyes of my client or hear their voice sound hopeful or excited as we conclude each coaching session. I am pleased to enjoy life’s pleasures, both big and small. You might think my life is a breath of fresh air now. It’s not! Haha. My corporate life was way more comfortable with a guaranteed pay check every month, and the chance to work from home occasionally. I won’t deny that while comfortable, I was still happy then…. But I am happier now.

Are you in crossroads now? Don’t stay there too long. Do what it takes to make that decision, and don’t stop with just thinking. Sit down, reflect on it for a while, and create a plan. Don’t be afraid to fail. Failure only means we learn and grow. Take every lesson you need to take with you, and leave behind your baggages. Every road we take has a purpose in our lives. Be courageous. Be kind.