Rather than fighting fire with fire, allow me to share how amazing my God is. I am (and have always been) a witness to this.

Several months ago, I was praying that I be able to help more people through coaching. And it happened. For free 😂 (because you know sometimes, I just really feel the urge to reach out 🤷🏻‍♀️). I was so happy to be helping people but then I said, I wish I was earning for all these too. 🤔 Then I realized that I have to be more specific with my prayer and mention that I want to make money too. 💰 Because I know God listens to our exact prayers. 😬 So then I prayed… Lord, please allow me to touch more lives WHILE making a living and being able to sustain our needs. 🙏🏻☺️


A few weeks ago, I was telling my coach about my personal mantra, “Be more. Do more. Serve more. Earn more.” These are simple words that represent all that’s in my vision board, and these are what I also say in my daily prayers. I realized that I have to prepare myself to receive God’s blessings because He NEVER ever fails to show up in my life. So I did. I realized that with this growth and abundance mindset (“_______ more”), I need to be physically and mentally ready, and that my processes need to be efficient and scalable (yes,  I’m a big fan of process improvement and efficiency). 🙋🏻‍♀️😜 So I worked on all those, believing and trusting in my heart that it will be given to me. 🙏🏻❤️ And true to His promises, here I am, tired and lacking sleep, busier than ever… being more, doing more, serving more and yep, earning more 😉 because this is exactly what I asked for in prayer. And this is exactly what I prepared myself for.


Are you praying for something? It’s easy to say that you’re claiming it. But the question is, are you just claiming it in words or also in actions? Are you making room for these blessings in your life? Are you living your days already with these blessings in the picture?

Prepare yourself to receive God’s overflowing blessings.