I see and hear a lot of people ask these questions these days…

“What’s a good business with low capital and high return?”

“What’s a good job that pays well?” 

Can’t blame them. I was once like that. Perhaps it’s because of the generation of “workers” (or parent workers) who are focused on work merely as an 8-5 job that brings food on the table. In fact, I think the reason why I got into an IT course is because of the demand and some interest I had in it (Ever heard of geocities? I self-taught myself html and built websites there). But from there, I had to create and navigate my own path. 

So what’s up with these questions? Well, to me, the answer you’ll get may be short term. It’s quick-fix. It’s like asking for a microwavable solution to be served to you in the form of a high income/profit or low effort job or business. But what joy does it bring when this convenient microwaved solution tastes like cardboard?

The sad truth is, many of us have been eating cardboard. Not literally of course. We chew it and swallow it because we believe that it’s the best we can ever have. 

But I’m sure we all know how satisfying and filling a real slow-cooked gourmet or homemade meal tastes like. And it’s that same feeling when we’re in a job or a business that we love. 

Would you rather eat food that tastes like cardboard or real food? In other words, would you settle for a job that’s a quick fix or one that’s truly satisfying and fulfilling?

Here are 5 simple (not easy, but simple!) steps to a career that’s as satisfying as real gourmet or home cooked food:

1. (Re)Discover what you want – I believe that it all starts with self-awareness. By being self aware, we establish a clear foundation that enables us to make decisions, be empowered, be confident and move forward.

2. Know your resources – skills, time, money, values, tools, connections, strengths, etc (Check out one of my IG/FB posts last June 2018, I posted something about Resources)

3. Research on your chosen field – Information is everywhere! Honestly, these days, there is no reason to say that you can’t find what you’re looking for. In one click, we get answers. When we talk to a friend, we’d be surprised to know that he/she knows someone who can help us. You can’t expect information to be fed to you (unless you like cardboard tasting food!). You gotta get out there and get your hands dirty.

4. Create a plan to bridge any gaps between where you are and where you want to be – It’s simple. You are here and you have a destination. No one else will build that road for you but yourself. You’d meet people along the way who might lend you a hand, but it’s all yours.

5. Execute – There are 3 types of people who don’t meet their goals and don’t get what they want. 1st type are those who would rather embrace their convenience, do nothing and eat cardboard. 2nd type are those who act without planning. And the 3rd type are those who have great plans but never take action. Great plans are nothing if you don’t execute.

If you want to have a job or a business where you’ll thrive, one that you will look forward to every time you wake up, then better start now. 

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