The Necessity of Experience

In life, there are two types of activities – things we like to do, and things we don’t like to do. Whether we admit it or not, we tend to stay away from activities we don’t like doing. Remember that report you were supposed to work on this morning? You set it aside because you prefer to work on your plans for the company’s upcoming teambuilding event. Remember those dishes your mom asked you to wash? You said you had a headache just to get away from the task. Let’s face it. Not all activities are as fun or as enjoyable as others. Not all activities are easy or comfortable.

Last week, I was sent to travel to two different places in Mindanao for a project. Unlike other business travel I’ve had before, this one’s different. I spent less than 24 hours in each place, which meant I flew out of Manila early in the morning, and flew back late at night. The interval between the flights for the two destinations was just 6-7 hours — of course, not yet considering traffic, airport procedures, etc. What made it tougher was that I was coughing and sneezing like crazy! In between flights, I even felt feverish. Oh, and did I mention we flew back just when the eye of the typhoon Ompong was making its way to our country?

Phew! What an experience, right?

But every moment of that experience meant something to me. While I was reluctant about the project from the very start, I went through it (as if with a blindfold on) just opening myself to whatever plans God has in store for me. I won’t deny that at some point I was scared, but I pulled through anyway… And I’m glad I went on, because this experience taught me a lot. I discovered the beauty of Mindanao and its people. I got to interact with people and listened to their own stories of success and failures. I was reminded of my WHY. I learned what I am physically and mentally capable of doing. And not only that, I’m sure it was a good experience also for both my husband and my son who had their ultimate bonding experience, while I was out. Hehe.

So yes, some activities, tasks, events or assignments are indeed necessary for us to go through. We may not like them initially, or may not like them at all (ever), but as long as you keep your eyes, ears, hands and heart open, I bet that there will ALWAYS be something you’ll get out of it — a new learning, a new friend, a realization about yourself, etc.. ALWAYS.

So if you find yourself in a situation where you feel you shouldn’t be, don’t be too bothered. Look around, indulge, savor, and live that moment, because there is a purpose for being there.

Live life to the fullest!