I’ve finally fully recovered from my cold and cough and I’m finding my way to get back on track. After the busy two weeks with back-to-back workshops, client meetings and business travel, I was glad to spend one week slowing down a bit (just a bit). But I found that I was so out of sync with my routine! I overslept (the antihistamine I was taking for my cough is partly to blame though — sarap matulog!) and when I woke up, I just lost the rhythm and even had to make a list of things I should be doing in the morning so I won’t forget. I realized I haven’t gone boxing in weeks and the book I was reading was already gathering dust. Yikes. 

But I guess, a break in routine is not all that bad. Last week, as we closed one of our consulting projects, our client said that the project broke their routine, and she felt that it was a necessary disruption especially for her managers. So while I struggle to get myself back on track with all that’s going on and everything else that has to be done, I keep that thought in mind. This disruption isn’t at all that bad. Perhaps it’s a wake-up call to be more conscious of my health (because hey, my cough lasted for more than a week!). Perhaps it’s a good time to revisit my goals and re-align my priorities. Or maybe, I just needed to slow down.

Are you going through disruptions? It might be annoying or frustrating. Sometimes, it feels like a downward pull. Don’t turn your disruptions to distractions. Instead, view your disruption as a detour to a better path.

Keep moving!