Why should I do this now? This can wait. I’ll start tomorrow. I’ll start next week. I’m busy. I just don’t understand why I need to do this now.
Sounds familiar?
“I can’t get myself to start” This is what I told my coach a few months ago when I was struggling to get into a weight loss regimen. I hear this (or a different version) from my clients and friends, too. It’s VERY common, VERY normal. Whenever you find yourself procrastinating, the first thing you should ask yourself is “Where is this coming from?” Many things can unfold when you’re asked the hard questions, and this is what usually happens during a coaching conversation.
Now, while I know everyone is unique and we have our own reasons (excuses?) for not getting on our feet, here are a few things you may want to reflect on. At the end of this, I also share MY SECRET to battling procrastination. 🙂
1. Are you clear with your WHAT? Sometimes, we don’t have specific goal or target so we really don’t feel the need or the urgency to move. If you’re not sure where you’re going, what would make you get out of bed? This is what happened to me a few months ago — that’s why I created my vision board. I didn’t have a clear and vivid vision of what I want and where I am going, so I did not feel compelled to act.
2. Are you driven by your WHY? Your why or your purpose should be your fuel to move. As Steve Jobs said, “if you’re working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.” So ask yourself how much do you care about your goals or your dreams? If you don’t find yourself inspired and energized, maybe you’ve got the wrong dreams? maybe you’ve got the wrong reasons? maybe you’ve got to think this over again.
3. Are you aligned with your HOW? So maybe you’ve got your WHAT and your WHY in place already and you’re pretty clear and solid on it. One other possibility for procrastinating is that maybe the way you’re doing it is not you. Different strokes for different folks, right? What works for your friend or your idol or whoever, may or may not work for you. Find or create a “system” or a “strategy” that works for you.
And lastly, let me share what WORKED and still WORKS for me. About 3-4 months ago, when I was telling myself I want to “Be more. Do more. Serve more. Earn more” I realized that I wasn’t ready – literally and figuratively. I was physically in bad shape (think: sedentary lifestyle just staying home 80% of the time!) and I was very “comfortable” with my flexibility that I woke up late, and got very little accomplished every day. I told myself that if I want to do MORE, then I must BE READY and get everything in place. So that’s what I did… I started working out with the goal of building endurance, and I arranged my schedule in a way that I was more efficient with current tasks so that I can make room for bigger things I was expecting. Just a few weeks into it, opportunities, projects and blessings started coming. And I was ready! I endured long walks, offsite client meetings, late nights because I had prepared myself for it. I was still able to do my other responsibilities (and work) despite new projects that came in, because I already had a schedule & a system that I prepared. So, if you’re finding yourself still not receiving these BIGGER things, ask yourself, AM I READY? Have I already made SPACE in my life and prepared myself to handle these things? If you’re not, then this should be reason enough for you to start acting now!
Fast forward to the past two weeks when I started “dare to dream bigger 2019”. Though I slowed down for a week, when I got sick, I quickly got back on track. Yes, there were days when it was hard to get up (thanks to my antihistamines, sarap ng tulog!). But you know what I tell myself on those days? “You better get this done Kurly. Get this out of the way now, so your hands will be ready for the BIGGER things that are coming.” YEEES! This morning, I woke up to good news about a project that’s kicking off soon. A couple of hours later, I got another message about another project, and I was being asked to submit a proposal TODAY. All the more do I need to get started and get things done, right? Opportunities are just around the corner, so if I’m not ready because I haven’t done yesterday’s (or last week’s) tasks, then I’d be missing out!
Think about it, how can you accommodate these bigger goals and dreams in your life now if your hands are full? If you haven’t made SPACE and prepared yourself to receive all these opportunities and blessings? So yes, this is what this is what  the series of challenges in #daretodreambigger2019 will help all of us with. It will help us prepare ourselves for these bigger things. I believe they’re coming our way. In fact, these dreams are just there, waiting for us to be ready to catch them. Why not start preparing now? 🙂
The #daretodreambigger2019 challenge is on-going (started last Nov 12), but you are still welcome to join and catch up with the challenges or do it at your own pace. Dare to dream and DO bigger now!