Even before I started my career as an independent (a.k.a freelance) coach and consultant, I was already taking courses on branding and marketing – both free and paid. I read a lot on this topic because I always felt that marketing (which I associated closely with branding) was something I suck at and also hate at the same time. But through all these courses, mentoring and reading, there’s one specific area I always struggled with. It’s identifying my niche. I understood all the concepts, but even in a year’s time, I still could not tell what my niche was or in other words, who is my target market is. And I felt that it was a showstopper for making my business take off.

Before I bore you (and myself) with marketing stuff, let me get into my point already. With all that I’ve gone through,  I realized that finding my niche, my specialty or my audience, all boils down to finding myself. It was about telling and retelling my story in different angles and perspectives until I found one that resonated with me most. It was about being authentic and intentional with who I am. And as I got more clients, expanded my scope, and also wrote my book, I not only discovered my niche, but also myself.

You may or may not be in a business right now, so thinking about your niche or your special space in this world might not be something that concerns you. But if someone were to write  a story of your life, what would the main theme be about? What message do you bring? Is it a message of joy and hope? Is it a message of strength amidst trials?

Think about it.

Someday, knowing this might just be VERY useful to you. Perhaps that day is when you decide to do a big career shift. Or maybe that day when you need to reassess priorities due to financial crisis. Or maybe that day when you become a mom. It’s usually in these changes and transitions that we benefit greatly from knowing who we are, what we stand for and where we are going.

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Happy searching!
Coach Kurly

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