Recently, I took some assessment exams as part of the screening process to be considered as a career coach for an foreign consulting firm. I breezed through the instructions before going through each of the 4 or 5 assessments. When I was on my 3rd assessment, I was already about halfway through when I realized that there was a time limit 😱😅 I was taking my sweet time making sure I read through each question and choose the best answer. I hurried through the rest of the questions but unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to finish it.

It made me think about how we live our lives. Do we rush to get all

done, when we know we don’t have enough time, whether it’s because we have a deadline, we’re only on a limited-time vacation or we got a medical report that says so? Or do we take our time mindfully going through each moment? Or both?

How do you go through your life? In what circumstances do you find yourself rushing or even cramming? In what situations do you find yourself savoring each moment?

The good news? I passed the assessment despite not being able to answer all the questions. I guess all that I managed to answer, I answered correctly. 🤷🏻‍♀️ And I realised that that’s also how I tend to live my life these days. I embrace, I savor each moment… and in the end, I feel more accomplished, more satisfied, more complete. 🙏🏻

I pray that you discover that balance that works best for you. I pray that you go through each day with joy and gratitude in your heart.