In the past couple of months, I felt the beginnings of the S-word in my life. Stress. I honestly avoid using that word to describe how I feel, but sometimes I just can’t find the most accurate word that sums up anxiety, tiredness, being overwhelmed, frustration, and more. And I  know that the S word is just around the corner, when I feel blood rushing through my body, and an itching desire to snap. 

Thankfully, I’ve been more aware of these triggers and am able to better self-manage by doing what I call the intentional pause. I know that if I stay in the situation and roll along with it, it won’t be long before I snap. And so,  without much thought, I detach and then I pause. If it’s my email or some messaging platform that’s causing tension or anxiety, I turn off notifications or literally just put my phone away. If the sight of my laptop is making me toxic, I step away and do something else.  It’s only when I’ve cleared my mind and “cleansed” my emotions that I get back to it again. And it works for me all the time.

The past days though are different. I felt a different S-word sneaking into my life. Stuck. Let’s make that 3 S-words — stuck in a sticky situation! Ha! You might have noticed that I was relatively quiet in my social media posts and stories. That’s because I had so much to do, and no mindspace to really come up with something that’s not mediocre, and something that can be valuable to the people who trust me with their time and support. So tonight, instead of drowning into all that needs doing, I decide to take an intentional pause. After all, I shared some time ago in one of my #midweekboost videos, that STUCK to me means — Stop To Understand Create, Kindle and Kneel. 

So I give myself a dose of my own medicine and take time to stop so that I can understand, and then I work to create options, kindle the flame and kneel down to pray. It is the perfect time to intentionally pause despite the long list of what needs to get done. After all, what use is it to keep going, if the path that you are taking  may not be the right one.

I’d really LOVE to take KurlyConnects to the next level, giving more value and serving those who would really benefit from it. And I think that planning for such a great mission and dream deserves a nice long intentional pause. Yes?

If you’d like to share your insights and offer suggestions, by all means, please do send them my way! 🙂 After all, it is a connected community and not an empire that I am building. So stay tuned for what’s next! I’m excited!