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It was around August last year when I finally decided to take concrete steps to fulfilling one of my long-time dreams — to write a book. I attended Kerygma Academy’s workshop on Book Writing and a few weeks after, inquired and then hired a Book Writing Coach. There were many hurdles along the way — not knowing what to write, workload peaks, business travel, lack of motivation, and not to mention lack of funds. Of course, there were good times too when I got good feedback from my beta readers, my book writing coach and my editor. In May 2019, I finally finished the ready-for-submission-version of my manuscript. While I probably got used to stops and restarts throughout my book writing journey, this feels like the most challenging one. Perhaps it’s because I know that it’s the season of waiting. It’s that time when you just have to wait for the meat to become juicy soft as you slow cook it on your stove. It’s part of the process, and there are no shortcuts. It’s when you know in your head that you HAVE to wait, but there are times when you can’t help but ask, “how long?” or wonder if there is still something you are waiting for (Yeah, because sometimes we are just so bad at giving feedback or updates!). I submitted my manuscript to only one publisher, because I don’t see my book being published by anyone else. I’ve been well-informed by my coach about the pros and cons, but decided to go with it anyway. Why? My gut was telling me to do it. I don’t know why. Being the planner that I am, of course, I have a back-up plan. But upon doing my research, I found that this back-up plan requires a lot of work, and… surprise, I figured it also needs another back-up plan! Lol. So while I work on the back-up of my back-up plan, I am again back to the waiting game. But can I tell you something? I find that the waiting game that I am in now is a more peaceful one. It’s not that anxious feeling  as you wait for the board exam or college entrance exam results to come out. I could probably compare this feeling to the same feeling I had during my pregnancy — calm, peaceful, relaxed. Unlike pregnancy though, where I had a fairly good idea of when the baby was coming out, my situation now is different. Some people have been asking me when my book will come out, and I comfortably answer, “I don’t know yet.” All I know is that I have done my part and the rest I entrust to God. The manuscript is there, it’s not going anywhere. I have no deadlines to meet or to beat. I have no competition to worry about. God knows when the time is right. My hope and prayer now (aside from getting my book published, of course) is also to have that same trust and faith in other matters of my life. I pray the same for you too.