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I recently had coaching sessions with a client who was planning in advance for her career shift. She had so many options in mind already but she just can’t choose just yet because (1) She still has a full time job and has limited time to allocate in starting something new; (2) She hasn’t found THE one career/business that would make her heart skip a beat; (3) She needs more information on “sustainability” of each option before she jumps in.  Sounds realistic and fair, right? Here’s more. Through our coaching conversations, she (1) Affirmed what were her important considerations (and I summed it up into 3 F’s – Family, Flexibility and Fulfillment); (2) She became more aware and thus intentional about being on the lookout for opportunities that she can consider; (3) Her perspective shifted from “I’m stuck and tired” to “I’m stuck, but I’m looking forward to the future!” Great! And what’s even more amazing is that through coaching, she has come up with her own “career shift formula” (I made up the title, hehe). She was doing it already, and she had it in her. But she didn’t know that she knew! As a coach, all I did was to connect the dots, summarise and draw insights from what I was hearing from her. So this is the formula: 1. Gather options 2. Filter the options 3. Give it a test run (this was her answer to the sustainability concern) Perfect, I said! Now all she had to do was to execute and keep doing this cycle until she discovers the perfect fit. 🙂 What’s even more interesting is that it is very similar to Design Thinking’s concept of prototyping. It’s truly amazing how coaching works for you! But wait, please don’t think the same formula will work for YOUR situation, okay? Know that you and her are different — in terms of current career situation, values and beliefs, interests, stage in life, time that you have before the shift and so on. So if you want to find out YOUR OWN formula, then book your career coaching sessions with me! 🙂