Sometimes, we are scared to rest. 

Sometimes, we feel guilty about resting. 

Sometimes, we feel that rest or sleep is unproductive.

Sometimes, we feel like something’s wrong when we’re not busy. 

If you feel that way sometimes, this message is for you. 

For independent professionals like me, the phrase “no work, no pay” applies. Because my current projects are tied up with conduct of actual coaching sessions or performance of project related tasks, it only means that taking a vacation for two weeks would mean that there’s no revenue coming in. Times like this make me appreciate the perks of being an employee and getting paid leaves.

Because the last quarter of 2019 was very busy for me, I was intentional about taking a break over the holidays. I did the math, prepared for it, and God provided. However, I must admit that there are times when I’d go back to my spreadsheet (I love spreadsheets!) and think about what some might call “lost opportunities.”

A few days before my official “first day at work”, I got myself warmed up by doing some simple emails,  preparing my 2020 planner and contacting clients to arrange coaching schedules for the first couple of weeks.   When I started working, it’s as if the switch for the revenue stream was instantly turned on. Book orders, new clients, bookings with old clients, and other opportunities.

Preparing book orders before shipping resumes

And so once again, I felt God’s grace and provision. It was as if He was telling me, “Sabi ko sayo, pahinga ka lang. Relax ka lang, sagot kita.” 

Tired? Need a break? Go ahead and be intentional about it. Don’t worry about the work that you’ll be temporarily setting aside. God knows you deserve rest. He’s got you covered.