Hi, I am Coach Kurly. 

I support professionals to get unstuck and move towards more meaningful career and life through career strategy coaching, career development coaching, career performance coaching and career transition coaching. I also support new coaches in starting up their coaching practice and business through training, mentoring and coaching.

I am a credentialed coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF), a life and career transformation coach, a human capital consultant, an author, a wife and a mom.

Throughout more than a decade of corporate life, which I am very grateful for, I have realised one very important life lesson. I may have accomplished great things that I never imagined to do and reached a point of personal career success, but there is one ultimate dream, that although pushed back to the bottom, is still alive in my heart.  It took me a while to take that dream out embrace it, and nurture it. Along the way, I got stuck, disheartened, and broken, but I held on. By God’s grace, two years after my transition to being a professional coach and consultant, I have gone full circle. I got into probably the biggest consulting project I had (one sponsored by the ADB), I published my book and sold more than I imagined, and I am engaged in two international outplacement firms coaching and mentoring individuals through their career transition.

 Now what?

A year later, I find myself in a similar yet different space. It’s that space I referred to in my book as the “in between” of life. A space of uncertainty, of waiting, of hoping. It’s the familiar yet still foreign feeling of being stuck, disheartened and broken. Inside me, I feel the same sense of adventure I felt before. I believe there is something else, something more…. And I am ready. Welcome to Book Two (of my story, that is). 

We live from one change to another. One road trip to another. One mountain to another. One battlefield to another. And as I see the world spinning and changing swiftly before my eyes, I realised that it is not outside that I must look, but within. It’s not about which road I am taking next, which mountain I am climbing next or which battlefield I’ll be in…. But who I am becoming. Because what truly enables, empowers and evolves stem from within. It’s your inner compass, and it’s one of the most powerful tools you’ll ever need regardless of where you are headed.

My mission is to enable you not just towards where you are going, but also who you are becoming. Maybe you’re ready to venture into a new business, eyeing a promotion or a career shift, wanting to become a better parent or boss, become a full-time homemaker or improve your organization’s skills or culture.

Let’s go through that transition together. I will hold that safe space for you where you can be you. We can laugh. We can cry. We can dream dreams. We can be embarrassed or talk crazy, even. 

Let’s design your path and take mindful steps towards your ultimate goals and dreams. And in the process, you can embrace your better self. I am believer of YOUR potential. I am a hopeful soul who believes that anyone, when equipped and enabled has the capacity to create and do great things. I am here to enable you to transform your own life and career. 

Are you ready?

Why am I a coach?

When I left my job, I was clear that I want to get into a people development career. I just wasn’t sure exactly what or how. I attended a seminar on career shifting and it made me realize that this is actually a big leap I am making, and that there is a significant (skill / experience) gap to fill. But because this is what I want and what I am passionate about, I gave it a go. I took several online and face-to-face courses to build my skills, and the biggest one I invested on (time and money) is my coaching certification. I went to the class wanting to learn and build my skill, but I got so much more than that. I met people who were so clear with their PURPOSE, who worked not just for money, but for something bigger than themselves. With that experience, I reconnected with my purpose. I declined a very good job offer because it didn’t align with my purpose and goal. Later on, I got coached by no less than our trainer and mentor.
Slowly, all the pieces fell into place and it became clear to me. Coaching is not just a career I want to build, or a credential to add to my resume. Coaching is a way for me to make a difference.
I’ve always believed in people’s potential. In my own ways, I’ve always wanted to help people learn and grow.  Coaching is one of the most powerful ways I am able to connect with people, make them feel loved, make them feel brave and worthy. There are moments during coaching conversations that the clients’ insights are so powerful and empowering that I feel goosebumps on my arms and tears welling in my eyes. There are moments when stories of clients move me and break my heart. Then there are moments of victory, when clients send me a text message or an email telling me that they found a job, they realised their dream or they are in a better space. 
These are the moments I live for. 
Coaching has changed my life and it still continues to do so. I know it can change yours too. 
This is why I am a coach. 


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What Clients Say

“Thanks Coach Kurly! Talking to you was enlightening and I had many realizations. Excited for day 1 back to work! Keep inspiring! You are awesome.”

Name withheld by request


DISC assessment made me realize so many things about myself. When Coach Kristine explained the results of my assessment, it almost made me feel like I was having an a-ha moment. It has not only made me understand myself more but it has also allowed me to identify the different personalities of my team members. What’s more important is that I was able to come up with action points on how we can work effectively as a team

Name withheld by request


Very effective communicator and facilitator. Activities are fun and engaging. Sessions were never boring.

Name withheld by request

Quality Supervisor, BPO, Philippines


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