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Hi, I’m Coach Kurly!

I help leaders and coaches who are feeling lost and indecisive to move towards a fulfilling and purposeful career through career strategy, career development, career performance and career transition coaching. 

Working as a corporate professional for more than a decade, I made my biggest career transition by becoming a coach. And during this career crossroads, I’ve encountered challenges along the way…

I know that feeling of wanting to go full speed ahead.

… Of losing a job and being in a career limbo.

… Of finding yourself in unknown career territory.

… Of worrying about finances, and the future.

… Of feeling unseen, underappreciated or unrecognized.

So I decided to help professionals, leaders and coaches to navigate the overwhelming and often frustrating process of searching, changing jobs and shifting career paths…

My mission is to enable you to move towards not just where you are going but also to who you are becoming.

As a Career and Leadership Coach

I help you not only in finding quick-fix solutions to your now, but also equip you through the experience of transformative career coaching, so you can create solutions for your later.


And gain clarity, direction and the confidence to achieve your ultimate goals.

A whole lot of heart

I’ve gone through a series of career transitions myself and I’m continuously navigating my career while applying new methods I’ve learned along the way. So you’re assured that I will be wholly invested in your journey.

Professional Service, Personal Touch

I provide world-class professional coaching and mentoring, smooth and organized enrollment and logistics, and a safe space where you can be seen and heard for who you are.

Tried and Tested

I offer a combination of rich experiences coming from my extensive corporate and leadership background, freelance journey, HR consulting and first-hand business experience. So you get the best learnings, support and resources you need to take the next step in your career.

Why work with me

My Experience

My coaching practice is a divergence of many different areas of experience and expertise from corporate work, human capital consulting and coaching. My combined background in project management, people development, and learning and development, with my strengths in empathy, relationship-building and individualization bring a unique flavor to my workshops, one-on-one sessions, and other engagements.

Go from tired to inspired

Thirty-Something and reTired takes you through my journey (and several other 30-somethings) from getting stuck in a loop of unfulfilling careers to finally discovering a life full of purpose and meaning.

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Let’s design a career you’ll love – together

Coaching is not just a career I want to build, nor a credential to add to my resume; it’s a way for me to make a difference.

I’m a believer of your potential, and I know you have the capacity to do great things. My work allows me to connect with you, make you feel brave, make you understand your worth, make you feel valued. 


I believe that your career doesn’t start and end with finding a job and achieving professional milestones.


Your career is an evolving masterpiece – a story of nurturing and harnessing the greatness that is already within you.


Now’s the time for a new career, a new you, a new goal, a new strategy.

Let’s explore new paths!

Want to know more? Let’s connect!

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