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I know you’ve tried to figure things out on your own and exhausted all the options you know of. But maybe it’s time, you get a professional to help you?

Yes you can get out of the vicious cycle of “the same old thing” in your career or professional life  that you keep holding on to and coming back to, out of comfort, convenience or familiarity.


Programs Offered

Full Program: 3-4 months

Career Strategy & Navigation

The Career Navigation Program supports professionals in taking a more mindful and intentional approach in their career. This program leverages on tools and techniques used in the industry of career transition support and combines it with a transformative coaching approach. It is not your typical career seminar where you will be taught cut-and-paste techniques in seeking for your next job. Instead, it allows you to step back and thoughtfully consider what you truly desire. The process you will learn in the program will not only help you in your current career crossroad or situation, but will enable you to continue being intentional and in control as you move forward and make other decisions in your career.

optional add-ons

Career Navigation Plus+

Choose from a variety of optional add-ons to maximize the experience and learning.

on-going support

Onboarding and Growth

Being in a new role or a new company or a new industry can be quite scary. It might bring back memories of your very first day in school when you knew no one and wasn’t really sure where to go or what to do. Navigating your way through this new phase can be daunting and can be made so much more bearable, manageable and intentional with the help of a coach.

Helping You Discover What Works for YOU

Feel like you've tried all the advice you received but nothing seems to work?

I totally get you. It's like trying to fit into those skinny jeans you wore when you were teenager many pounds ago. It's like forcing yourself to eat broccoli when you actually hate vegetables. 

We're all different. You and I are unique. There is  really no one-size-fits-all blueprint that will work for you and me. In fact, who you are now is different from who you were  two months ago. 

It's time to discover and create solutions that are custom-fit for you, using proven tools and techniques  of professional coaching. 


What Is Coaching, really?

Coaching is a partnership.

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership.

Coaching is a co-created process by both the coach and the client. This means both the client and the coach are equals.

Coaching is not giving advice or telling you what to do.

You are the expert of your own life and I am the expert of mine. In order for change and actions to be sustainable and with greater accountability, it has to be something that will come from you.

Coaching is about enabling and empowering.

People are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. All the answers are in you, really.  You just need someone (like a coach) to think with you and draw it out.

Coaching honors YOU.

The spotlight is on you. Coaching honors your uniqueness in the process of co-creating solutions. It provides a safe space where you can be you, judgment free.

Program Design

Career Strategy and Navigation Program

1-on-1 Career Discovery Session

1 session

The 1-on-1 Career Discovery Session is a one hour conversation with Coach Kurly to talk about where you are now in your career, what your goals and dreams are, and understand how you can best be supported in the program. 

Group Coaching & Mentoring

4 sessions

Four group coaching sessions with not more than 6 participants will be conducted throughout the program. Between sessions, there will be breaks for self-reflection, homework, video lessons and 1:1 coaching. The group sessions will cover the following: clarity of purpose and meaning, design, integration, and planning. 

1-on-1 Career Coaching Sessions

3 sessions

The 1-on-1 coaching sessions will help you go deeper and help you further process and understand what was covered during group sessions. This is your opportunity to really unlock barriers, address what’s truly important to you and create actions for yourself. 

Self Learning Guides and Resources

between sessions

To further enrich the learning experience, learning guides and resources in the form of video, worksheets or email prompts / check-ins will be provided between group sessions.

Pre-Register Today

The Career Navigation Program is scheduled twice a year. The registration for group sessions is currently closed, but please do pre-register for the waitlist. 

Reserve your slot now.

Option for 1-on-1 Career Navigation Program is also available.


What you get out of the program

Clarity and Focus

Gain clarity on what you truly desire, what works for you and what’s important to you. Having clarity will help you focus more on what matters and create more aligned action plans that you’d be motivated to do.

Identify and Address Barriers

Gaining clarity also means being able to pinpoint what’s really getting in the way. It could be something external to you, or perhaps something inside you that’s holding you back.

Group Support

One of the benefits of going through group coaching is journeying alongside others who may have similar experiences. Gain a new friend, an accountability partner, a client or maybe even a business partner.

Professional Coaching

Get support from Coach Kurly, a Professional Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation. Not only does she have the experience of coaching many in their careers, but she has also gone through her own career transition.

Tools & Resources

What you will use and learn from the program will not just help you now. These are reusable tools and resources that will help you continue fine-tuning and calibrating your career to what works for you, and keeps you engaged and excited.

On-going Support

Coach Kurly is generous with her time and talent. The relationships built and the support she extends goes beyond the formal partnership. After completing the program, you get to be part of the Valued Client Club and be invited for exclusive workshops and other perks.


Career Navigation Plus

Resume Review & Writing

Get feedback, guidance and tips on preparing your resume.

Job Search & Interviewing

Get guidance in your job search (both practical tips and emotional support) as well as interview preparation and practice.

Online Assessments

Take the DISC Assessment to help you discover and validate your interests, needs, tendencies, etc.

1:1 Sessions

Get additional 1:1 career coaching from as you go through your your career design, navigation and transition.


Why Navigate Your Career With Us?


Professional Service, Personal Touch

Experience world-class professional coaching and mentoring, smooth and organized enrollment and logistics, and a safe space where you can be seen and heard for you who are.


More than 500 hours of coaching experience

Coach Kurly has more than 500 hours of coaching experience, 90% of which are focused on career. And oh, this doesn’t include her mentoring experience from corporate.


A whole lot of heart

Coach Kurly has personally gone through her own big leap when she transitioned out of corporate into a world unknown to her. She continues to mindfully navigates her career while applying new methods she is learning along the way. She’s been there. 


Tried and Tested

Coach Kurly offers a combination of rich experiences, having been a leader in her corporate career, exploring freelance and diving into business. On top of coaching, she has also been involved in multiple HR and Organizational Design/Development projects.


Great Value

The value you get from the program is worth Php 30,000++ but you only pay a fraction of that cost.

meet coach kurly

My Story

Working with people like you who are going through questions or even frustrations in their career is something that is close to my heart. I’ve gone through the same, not just when I made my big move 4 years ago, but many times too in the past and even recently. It brings me joy to create a safe space for you so that you can be you, and truly discover and reconnect with your heart’s desires.


Learn more about me here.

Connect with me on Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook.


What Clients are Saying

I like how the workshop activities helped me focus on the essentials, in line with my desire to restart and reset. I found also the group sharing so helpful. 

Yeen, Coach & Consultant

1:1 Coaching Client, Group Coaching Participant

Kurly has been a huge help in allowing me to process and think through situations and challenges that I encounter helping me figure out how I can respond well.  I know I have grown and made myself better at handling relationships through her guidance.

Cielo, Consultant & Entrepreneur

1:1 Coaching Client, Group Coaching Participant

I was in a point in my life wherein I felt stuck in a rut and felt hopeless, that it surprised me how a few simple activities led me to identify my blockers and drove me to take charge of my own reset and restart. I highly recommend this workshop to people who are undergoing transition, those who are feeling helpless and hopeless, or simply those who feel their lives are monotonous. Great job, as usual, Kurly! More power!


1: Coaching Client, Group Coaching Participant

I felt that I am in a safe space to share my thoughts even at first meeting virtually. I am very much thankful because of her help in aligning my ideas, plans and even my frustrations & setbacks. I have attended group coaching sessions and I am happy that even after that we have follow throughs to check on each other’s progress.

Angelique, HR Professional

1: Coaching Client, Group Coaching Participant


Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions?

Here are some questions you might have in mind. If you don’t find what you’re looking for or would like to clarify further, please send me an email at [email protected]

How do I register?

I’m grateful and happy to have you onboard! Just send me an email at [email protected] to register. Make sure to indicate which program you are choosing. 

Can I register for just one or two modules of the Career Navigation Program?

Unfortunately not. Designing and planning your career is not an overnight activity, especially if you’d like it to be intentional. There’s always something new to discover about ourselves and we build our learning agility as we go through the whole experience.

Do I need to go through the Career Navigation Program to get the add-ons?

It depends. The assessments can be taken independent of the program and 1-on-1 sessions can be availed too. However, going through the resume, job search and interview programs requires that you have a certain level of clarity already on what you want. So we’ll have to assess this on a case-to-case basis. 

Do you offer payment plans?

I am flexible 🙂 Email me at [email protected] so we can discuss.

When is the next run?

The Career Navigation Program will run again in 2022. So if you’re thinking about making a career move this year or early next year, NOW is a good time to go through the program.

Does the program guarantee that I will find a job or setup a business?

There are many things that go into finding a job. I am not offering a magic formula for instant results. As much as we’d like to get results fast now, your level of commitment and action, the job market and your unique and special experiences are all factors that play a huge part in this.

What I guarantee you is a greater sense of clarity on what you want, where you want to go and how you can get there. Remember, gain the clarity first and the actions will follow (and it will be a breeze!)

The question is, are you willing to do the work?

I'm really interested, would it be okay to have a short call?

Definitely! Just send me an email [email protected] and we can schedule that.

When and where will the sessions be held?

This program is 100% online. Group and 1-on-1 sessions will be done via zoom. Group sessions are usually scheduled on weeknights and 1-on-1 sessions are scheduled during a mutually agreed schedule.

Make it Happen Today!

Your career is your own. You just have to realize and embrace that you are in control. Don’t wait until you get burned out. Don’t wait until the situation forces you out. Don’t wait until things are perfect. You already have it in you.

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