Coffee Conversations
  • Small group where everyone can be heard

  • No judgment

  • Bite-sized learning opportunities and genuine conversations

  • Get a taste of coaching, mentoring and workshops

All it takes is your commitment to be there, fully present and ready!

Don’t you just love conversations over coffee, cookies or brownies? I do! It just feels so relaxed and comforting.

Coffee Conversations last for an hour to an hour & a half with topics / themes for each session. Topics can range from career to motherhood to life decisions and so on. Think of this as a group coaching session or a mini workshop where you can have both structured or unstructured activities and casual and REAL conversations!

Each group will be kept to a maximum of 7 participants to keep it intimate. We want everyone to have air-time to share, get to know each other and not get lost in the crowd.

There is a minimal commitment fee for Coffee Conversations starting from P349. This is a very small amount for your participation, and this will also assure me of your commitment to be present. (I’ve run several free programs and even coaching sessions before, only to be left hanging and waiting). The commitment fee varies from one session to another depending on the topic, duration and format.

To keep costs low, coffee conversations will be done in coffee shops, restaurants or co-working spaces where you either buy your own food/drink or pay for the hourly co-working space usage.

Who should join?

Anyone who would love to just nice and deep conversation (rare these days!) about topics that matter most to you. We have our friends, partners or colleagues whom we share a part of who we are. But sometimes, it feels like something’s missing. Like we yearn for something deeper, more meaningful, unbiased, and unfiltered. This is for you.

Join one of the schedules below or form a group of at 3-6 friends and request for a special schedule just for you. Click here to to inquire about a customized coffee conversation for your group.


Join Coffee Conversations now!

Conversations over coffee are a great way to share, learn and have fun. It gives you the benefits of coaching, mentoring and workshops in a relaxed and informal setup. Choose from one of the topics and schedules below or start your own with your friends on a topic of your choice.

Live / Face-to-Face Sessions

Productive and Fulfilled

Coming soon
In this session, we’ll talk about YOUR struggles with time management and talk about tools & tips to be not just productive, but also feel a sense of fulfillment in what you do.

Flawed & Fabulous

Coming soon
Let’s talk about your flaws and your fears. Let’s talk about what makes you doubt yourself. Then let’s talk about what makes you fabulous.

Online Sessions

All online sessions are done via Zoom

What’s Next in My Life Series

Coming in October/November

This is the online version of “What’s Next in My Life” group coaching+workshop. It is divided into 3 sessions conducted on different days. You may choose to enroll for each session or for all sessions.

Session 1: Discover

Discover what really drives you, what area of your life needs focus right now, what matters to you, etc. All these are inputs to designing what’s next.

Session 2: Design

Let’s explore options and possibilities! Let’s design our future together. 

Session 3: Decide & Do

We’ve done a great job discovering and designing, now it’s time for some action. 

Request a Session

Have a topic you’d like to cover during public schedules of coffee converdations? Have a group of friends and want to do a coffee conversation together?

We can definitely do that! 

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