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Ahh, so you’ve done all the self-checks and planning, and you’re ready to go. Or, maybe not yet… Perhaps you feel like you need a little boost to get things started. Perhaps you’ve gone a few miles along the way already, but found yourself moving slowly, getting stuck or thinking, “Am I there yet?”

Let’s connect with the world, collaborate and carry on!


You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Zig Ziglar

Getting oneself to start is hard. Getting oneself to re-start after stopping is hard too. Getting oneself to keep going is also hard.


But relax, there is hope! It has been done, it can be done, and you can do it!

In order to take action, you must first decide that you want to. It is a choice that you make intentionally. You’re
lucky if you wake up one day telling yourself, “I’m going to do this!” But oftentimes, it really takes a lot of courage and effort to really take action. It is a decision we make, not just as we start, but also every single day that we commit to do what we said we would do.


Here are some of the tools and resources that you can use as you commit to and execute your plans.



Inspirational Bits and Pieces

Looking for inspiration or motivation to start or to keep on? I’ve gathered some here for you!

Waiting for answers to our prayers

Being in between

Stepping out of your comfort zone

Striving for perfection?




What does it take to wait?

The waiting game can be tiring, frustrating or even boring. As much as we want things fast and efficient, success is not something that is microwave-ready. There are things that take time because there is a purpose for it. It is in discovering that purpose and making the most of the wait that we find peace in waiting.

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Get things done!

Getting things done is not just a matter of ticking off everything on your to do list. It is also not about filling your days with tasks to do and being proud of yourself for being busy. It takes so much more than that to be productive, and actually contribute to the goals you’ve set for yourself.

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We’re not in this journey alone. Collaboration allows us to learn, discover new ideas, help others and get helped too. Check out these resources on building networks and bridges.

Build networks

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