Perhaps you have a pretty good idea of what you want to do, why you want to do it and where you’re headed… but you’re not sure how to start or where to start. Ahhh, the perfect place to start is where you are! Let’s work on designing your career, your plans and your life!

Judgment is the enemy of creativity.


You might wonder why the quote above is about creativity. No, this page is not just for the artistic ones or the creative enthusiasts. This page is for YOU because you are the designer of your own life, career included.

It might be easier or understandable to say that this page is about planning your life and career. Yes it is. But I chose the word design on purpose, because I’d like to challenge you to use not just the logical side of your brain (left brain) to create the plan, but also your creative side (right brain). Making both sides of the brain work together helps us come up with more ideas, see more possibilities,  generate more options and see multiple perspectives.

Yes, this is the part where you get to let your ideas run wild, you put no ceiling to your dreams, and then put things all together.

Here are some of the tools and resources that you can use as you design.




The Power of Visualization

You might know Jack Canfield for his famous books, Chicken Soup for the Soul. But he is also well-known and respected for his book, The Success Principles. One of the methods that he teaches is visualization. Watch this video to learn more about this.





Stuck in Crossroads: The Why’s and How’s

Perhaps you’ve taken some action already or you find yourself in the middle of a sticky situation, how do you design a plan to move forward? In this free webinar, I talked about the common reasons why we find ourselves stuck and how exactly to get ourselves unstuck — whether it’s deciding what career to pursue next, what business to start, where to build our first home, and so on. Watch the recorded video here. (Note: The video is in a facebook group. You may need member approval prior to viewing this).




Establish meaningful connections and create insights

One of the ways we can design the plan for our career or life is by establishing meaningful connections and creating insights. If you’ve gone through the previous activities suggested in the Discover phase, simply read through these and look for common themes or patterns. Then ask yourself, what do these mean to me? What makes these stand out? Use these now to create your plans. Read more about it here.





Write your goals

As Stephen Covey said, “Begin with the end in mind.” One of the most common ways to begin the planning and design process is by determining what your goals are. What is it that you want to achieve? Where do you see yourself? When do you see yourself attaining these goals? Here are some tips on writing your goals.




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