If you’re feeling lost, uncertain, tired or even paralyzed, know that you are in a good place to start. God’s universe has a lot of options to offer. But before we connect with and explore the world outside, let’s start with the very basic by connecting within ourselves. 

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.


“But I already know myself well enough!”

You might argue that you already know yourself well enough. Well, perhaps you do. But it could also be that you don’t. Let us look at this iceberg.

The tip of the iceberg, which is roughly about 10% of its entire size is all that we see. This represents our observable behavior — how we work, how we interact with people, how we handle stress and conflict, how we express our joy, etc. These are the things that we are usually aware of. The part of the iceberg underneath that we don’t see are our values and beliefs. These are things that we are usually unaware of, but impacts how we behave.

We need to be aware of these values and beliefs in order for us to gain clarity that will help us in planning for our next job, making a tough decision, getting out of burn-out, or gaining self-confidence.



Here are some of the tools and resources that you can use in your journey within.


Discover Your Best Self: A Journey Within

This talk was first shared during the Women Empowerment Summit: Dress for Success last April 14, 2018. It’s an inspiring and interactive session about knowing oneself and discovering who we really are. Our best self enables us to be and do our best in whatever we do.

The recorded version of this session is now available online. Simply click on this link, login and enjoy!





Is it time to quit your job?

Have you drafted your resignation letter already? Have you been trying to muster the courage to talk to your boss about the possibility of quitting? Have you been feeling like work is becoming more and more like a burden rather than a source of fulfillment? Then this one’s for you!

Read more




Discover your Passion

Whether or not you have some idea of what it is that you want, this eGuide can help you. Whether you’re going through changes or smooth sailing through life’s everyday routines, this eGuide will be your friend. Whether you’re fresh out of college, experiencing the quarter-life or mid-life crisis, this eGuide will be useful.

Download the eGuide now. It’s free!






Take an Assessment

Who am I? What are my strengths? What do I look for in a work environment? What are my behaviors under stress? What truly motivates and inspires me? What type of communication do I prefer?

The assessments provided by Viatech Global will answer these questions for you and more. Knowing all these will help you discover and affirm, what type of work best suits you, what work environment or community you’ll thrive in, what drives both your actions and decisions.

Read more about the assessments and download sample reports here. Send me an email to ask about special rates and packages for individuals and groups.



Book a coaching session

Need someone to help you sort through everything that’s going through your head? Coaching is a conversation that will allow you to see your blind spots, gain clarity and surface those things that are underneath that you probably aren’t aware of just yet.

Want to avail of a FREE 30-minute discovery coaching session? Send me an email with the subject “Free discovery coaching”





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