Thanks Coach Kurly! Talking to you was enlightening and I had many realizations. Excited for day 1 back to work! Keep inspiring! You are awesome!

Name withheld by request


DISC assessment made me realize so many things about myself. When Coach Kristine explained the results of my assessment, it almost made me feel like I was having an a-ha moment. It has not onl;y made me understand myself more but it has also allowed me to identify the different personalities of my team members. What’s more important is that I was able to come up with action points on how we can work effectively as a team. 

Name withheld by request

IT Professional, Singapore

Very effective communicator and facilitator. Acitvities are fun and engaging. Sessions were never boring. 

Name withheld by request

Quality Supervisor, BPO, Philippines

Kurly has been a huge help in allowing me to process and think through situations and challenges that I encounter helping me figure out how I can respond well.  I know I have grown and made myself better at handling relationships through her guidance.


Consultant for Process Improvement & Operations Management, Philippines

Thank you so much for opening my eyes to new stages of opportunity to make a right decisions the encouragement and advice has led me to places I never thought I would go, To overcome my fear and believe in myself and my strength. I will forever grateful!

Gem Arnibal

Make-up Artist & All-Around Stylist, @GemStudioPH

God sent! I enjoyed every session I had with Coach Kurly. She’s loving and compassionate. Her love radiates and it inspired me. She’s very committed in helping people be the better version of themselves. Even after the sessions she checks on her clients to see how they are doing. Her commitment, compassion and love works!

Rein VIllanueva

Young Professional

Kurly helped me sort through the thoughts that I have been wrestling with for months. During my coaching session with her, she patiently asked me questions that opened my eyes to the possibilities that were right there all along. She guided me in coming up with a plan that will help me move forward toward the things that I really want to do. Kurly is a great coach! I recommend her to anyone who’s looking to become unstuck or find a way to transfor their lives.

Name withheld by request

IT Professional

Before I was hesitant to reach out for guidance/help from a life/career coach regarding my personal and career concerns. Luckily I was able to talk to Kurly (on Instagram) and I felt that I am in a safe space to share my thoughts even at first meeting virtually. I am very much thankful because of her help in aligning my ideas, plans and even my frustrations & setbacks. I have attended group coaching sessions and I am happy that even after that we have follow throughs to check on each other’s progress. When she launched her book I made sure that I will be there because I am proud of her milestone and to show my gratitude for having an impact on my learning journey. God bless you more Kurly! 💟


HR Professional & Food Enthusiast, Philippines

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