What makes you different, Kurly?

Investing on yourself is something that takes a lot of gut and intention. I know you’d like to carefully choose who to trust in guiding you with your self-development goals or make that critical career or life decision. It’s just so hard to choose in this world where many people call themselves coaches and both small and big organizations offer a myriad of workshops to professionals.

Why should you choose me?

My simple answer is that, I am REAL. Like you, I am a human being with emotions, struggles and dreams. I value uniqueness, authenticity and relationships. I am constantly curious to learn and discover new things. I know how it feels to invest your hard-earned money on personal growth and I’ve also made decisions on training investments for organizational development.

You’ve come to the right place.

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Insight & Learnings

My love for learning does not stop with my interest and commitment to read, take courses or listen to people. I’ve always been very eager to share what I learn — whether it be about job opportunities, happiness & well-being, or the latest online shopping deals.


Genuine Connections

If you’re looking for a disclaimer about “priority inbox access” when you avail of my programs you won’t find that here. I talk to both clients and non-clients alike. I make it a point to check on my clients and stay in touch during and even after our programs have ended. I could not count how many people (followers on social media or members of my mailing list) tell me how surprised and happy they are that I am actually replying to them, reading their stories and sometimes even semi-coaching them on their areas of concern.

Because I don’t see why not? 🙂


Best of both worlds

Having been a corporate employee who started from the bottom and worked my way up, and now an independent professional coach & consultant, I bring together the best of both worlds. I carry with me the professionalism, discipline and experience in the corporate environment, while still maintaining the personal touch and flexibility that an independent provider has to offer. 

Career & Life Coaching

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

Let me say that again…

What would you do if nobody would judge you?

Let’s talk about your ultimate dream career. Let’s talk about what you love about your job. Let’s talk about what you wish would be better. Let’s talk about that one big goal you have in your life. Let’s talk about your “someday list”. Let’s talk about what scares you.  Let’s talk about what’s holding you back. Let’s talk about the doubts and the fears you have. Let’s talk about what keeps you up at night.

But we will not stop there.

Together we gain insights and make new discoveries. Together we create a plan to move forward. Together, we work on how to stay committed and accountable.

That is what coaching is about.

Get coached now

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Online Personality Assessments

Who am I?

What are my strengths?

What do I look for in a work environment?

What are my behaviors under stress?

What truly motivates and inspires me?

What type of communication do I prefer?

The assessments provided by Viatech Global will answer these questions for you and more. Knowing all these will help you discover and affirm, what type of work best suits you, what work environment or community you’ll thrive in, what drives both your actions and decisions.

People are not one-dimensional. We are highly complex beings with several “layers” of uniqueness that make us whole. Take one or more of these assessments to help you discover, understand, better articulate and validate behavior, motivations/passions and decision-making tendencies (judgment), and schedule a consulting/coaching session with Kurly.

Then use these as a springboard to calibrating your compass, creating your plan and  charting your path.


Read more about the assessments and download sample reports here.

Send me an email to ask about special rates, packages and workshop options for individuals and groups.

I'd love to know more

Find out more about the special rates and packages for individuals and groups. Learn more about how you can bring these assessments to your organization and use it to improve your team’s productivity and relationships.

Online & In-Person Workshops

Workshops are carefully designed with YOU in mind. A combination of approaches is used to ensure that participants are engaged, content is relevant, and learnings are applied.

Choose from one of the public offerings or let’s customize one for your company, organization or even a group of friends.

Workshops for All!

Sign up for webinars or live (online and in-person) workshops on self-development, life skills, business skills and more.

Made-for-You Workshops

Looking for something that will specifically address the needs of your organization, team or group? Want to bring one of the public workshops to your organization?

I’d like to understand more about your needs so I can recommend and design a program just for you. 

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