Thirty Something and ReTired

Kurly’s book turns quarter life crisis into an advantage. 

Learn from her how to experience fullness of living.

Francis Kong, Entrepreneur & Columnist, Philippine Star

Can I share with you something?

That was me before. Yes, I was thirty-something and tired. 

I graduated with a degree in IT because back then I was told that this was “in demand” in the market. Thankfully, it was my choice and I didn’t have to be forced into it. I had a great career where I was paid well and was given opportunities to learn and grow. 

Like many, I had dreams. Dreams I buried deep inside my heart because they were crazy and far-fetched. Dreams such as writing a book. 

Many years ago, I was privileged to attend one of Mr. Francis Kong’s leadership workshops in our company. Witnessing him speak and reading his books,  I told myself, “This is what I want to do.”


Again, I buried it deep in my heart because I thought it was crazy and far-fetched. 


I went on… and on… and on…. until I found myself tired. 


But life has its way of pushing you and getting you to move, and God has His ways of reminding you of the dreams He placed in your heart. And so I took that so-called leap of faith armed with a solid plan of action… or so I thought.


This book is not just about my story. This book is about the many stories of twenty and thirty-somethings who are tired in different ways. Perhaps this is your story too. 


The good news is that you don’t need to be stuck there. The good news is that you have what it takes to get out of that life and live more meaningfully and purposefully.


Make your way out of it now. 

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The book is only available through this website and only limited copies have been printed.  Make sure to grab yours now. Perfect gift for Christmas!

What’s on the Back Cover?

Are you tired of waiting for your own big break in your career or business or your one true love? Are you tired of the daily grind, dreading Mondays and looking forward to Fridays? Are you tired of waking up feeling like a zombie, doing the same old thing, and going to bed exhausted yet unhappy? Are you doing well in your career and yet you feel tired and empty?

In this book, Thirty Something and reTired, career and life coach Kurly de Guzman talks about  how you can get out of the life that drains you, and transition from being thirty-something and tired to thirty-something and “retired.” Through real life stories of ordinary people, lessons learned along the way from both experts and experiences, practical tips and points for reflection, she shares how you can start your own journey out of the tiredness. In these pages, you’ll discover:

  • How your past experiences have affected how you see yourself;
  • How to deal with your doubts, fears and uncertainties;
  • How to make the waiting gamemore productive and exciting;
  • How to create a clear and actionable plans for your goals; and
  • How to execute these plans and overcome the obstacles along the way.

If you’re living each day feeling stuck and drained just because you feel that there’s no other way, there’s no way out, you’re afraid, you’re convenient and comfortable or you don’t know how to get out of the rut you find yourself in, this book is for you.

Illustration by Steph Bravo for “Thirty-Something and reTired”


Thanks for your interest in my humble masterpiece.

Here are some reasons why you should get a copy for you, your family and friends.

♥ You get to reconnect with your own long-lost dreams and in God’s time, start making them come true.

♥  You can read it and use it over and over whenever you’re feeling like you’re getting stuck, tired or restless.

♥   It’s a perfect as a gift this Christmas!

♥  One of the readers commented that it’s like going through a coaching session.

♥  You support not only my own dream of having a book, but inspire others to dream and to pursue too.

Place Your Order Now

The book is only available through this website and only limited copies have been printed.  Make sure to grab yours now. Perfect treat for yourself and your friends.

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