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Take the next BIG step

Towards a career you’ll love.


Are you stuck in a career rut?

Even when you know you have all the skills, knowledge and experience to do the job, does it feel like there’s  an invisible barrier that’s keeping you from success?

When you’re about to make a huge decision that not only affects your career, but your life, do you yearn for someone to talk to who’s unbiased and won’t judge you?

When there’s just too much on your plate, you’ve run out of ideas, you’ve lost the drive, or you simply feel that things are just not right, do you wish someone can help you sort the clutter and shed light on what to do next?


You can’t always figure it out on your own

As a leader, seasoned professional or business owner, you sometimes think that you should handle things on your own.

But there is a limitation to what you can see and realize on your own. And well-meaning advice from others can sometimes feel like wearing shoes that are two sizes smaller. 

This is where coaching helps.

It’s time to get out of the vicious cycle of “the same old thing” in your career or professional life

And break free from what’s keeping you from doing what you’re meant to do.

My Career and Leadership Coaching Programs are designed to help you:

Hi, I’m Coach Kurly!
A Career and Leadership Coach

I started my career as a website administrator and found my way quickly through more senior roles as a people manager, learning & development manager, and as a regional leader. 

What helped me navigate the corporate world were key strategies that I was able to validate since becoming a career and leadership coach. I realized that I have already been unconsciously applying research-based career strategies that brought me to where I am now….

And continue to help me navigate through my own career as a professional coach 

And I’ve observed how the same worked, too, for clients I’ve worked with.

It starts with tapping into your unique greatness and designing a career that you love, so that you can thrive more confidently, consistently and joyfully.

I can help you.
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Program Offerings

Career Strategy and Navigation

This program supports leaders, mid-career professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs in taking a more mindful and intentional approach in their career.
Let's move forward in your career

Career Revamp and Reinvention

An intensive 3-month program that supports leaders, mid-career professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs to bring back life and excitement to their careers by steering towards what brings them value, fulfillment and joy.
Discover what helps you grow

Custom Coaching Programs

I’ll design a custom coaching program to fit your unique career and development needs, from learning how to navigate a new career as a manager or go through a challenging phase in your current career.
Explore what we can do

What my clients say…

Taking the coaching journey with Kurly opened up valuable perspectives in the way I approach situations, both in my personal and professional life. Her insights and direction are always on point and transformational.

Lue Espine

Vice President, China Bank

I was coached by Kurly when I was trying to put up my own consulting business while exploring a job opportunity. She helped me sort my thoughts and revisit my long-term career goals. I was amazed by her presence, patience with me, and flexibility to my needs.

Yeen Mabatan

Professional Coach

Kurly helped me sort through the thoughts that I have been wrestling with for months. She helped open my eyes to the possibilities that were right there all along. She guided me in coming up with a plan that will help me move forward toward the things that I really want to do.


IT Manager

My mission is to enable more professionals like you to design a career they love.

Why work with me

Career and leadership coaching isn’t just about
finding quick fix solutions

It’s not just about finding a job or getting a promotion.
It’s not just about dealing with your next project milestone.
It’s not just about deciding what’s the next step to take in your career, or how you can be a leader your employees trust and respect.
When I coach you, it’s not only something that will help you with your “right now” but will create foundation for your “later” or even your “years after”

Organizations I've worked with

Are you ready to make your next big move – confidently?

Frequently Asked Questions

According to International Coaching Federation, “coaching is defined as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

Watch this video where I explained what coaching is about.

One-on-one coaching sessions are scheduled through an online tool where you can easily book, pay and manage your appointments.

All one-on-one coaching sessions are done online via Zoom. Group sessions may be done either in-person or virtual. Details are provided upon registration.

Anyone who wants to play an active role in driving their career and is committed to do so, are welcome to join my programs.

You can schedule an exploratory session with me so we can discuss your goals or areas of concern, and what type of support you need.

You may pay via bank transfer, GCash or credit card. Installment payment plans are available depending on the programs availed.