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Grow and thrive as a leader

So you can lay the groundwork for your team’s success.


The pandemic years were a turbulent ride for managers.

But is it over yet?
With or without a global crisis, one thing is for sure, challenges will always be part of a manager’s work life.
Why? Because people are involved. People change. We are now amidst a multi-generational workforce.
We have seen how employees continue to assert their needs for flexibility, diversity and inclusion, purpose and support for well-being.
At some point, you might feel like walking on eggshells, uncertain of where to draw the line between supporting them and asserting your business’s needs.

You might be wishing that your company is able to pay employees beyond what they need so that they won’t leave. But will they really not leave if you give them a generous amount?

But what if…

What if your employees love their jobs and are inspired and motivated to go to work everyday?
What if your employees feel that they are supported and believe that they can grow and develop in their careers?
What if they are confident that they can meet their personal and professional goals through the work that they do?
1 out of 5 workers are planning to quit their jobs in 2022. (PwC survey)
The same survey highlighted that pay still ranks first among most important factors to professionals, with finding fulfillment and being yourself as second and third.

How can you, as a leader, help your employees find fulfillment and be comfortable being themselves at work?

How can I empower my teams?

The solution is not simple, and it will take time to see drastic results.


But the good news is that you can start taking steps now by creating a systemic approach to employee empowerment, engagement and well-being.

My Corporate Programs are thoughtfully designed to help you lay the groundwork for sustainable change in your team, through…

Hi, I’m Coach Kurly!

Career and Leadership Coach.
I help leaders like you in creating a fertile space for your employees to thrive in their careers so that they can come to work inspired and with the determination to succeed.
Having been a people manager myself, I know that dealing with people is so much more complex than dealing with machines or processes. But it’s also one of the most fulfilling jobs that creates impact which ripples, multiples and renews.
Learning from more than a decade of corporate career, and supporting hundreds of leaders, professionals and students in career planning and development through coaching and mentoring, I curated these programs for you.
Your role as leaders is constantly evolving and there is a growing need for you to support your employees’ whole being rather than just managing the work that they do.
Let’s do this together

Program Offerings


Coaching for Leaders

Discover your value, strengths, and purpose so you can motivate others to thrive in their careers.

One-on-one or group career and leadership coaching sessions for leaders so that you too can look after yourself and your own career growth and advancement. 


Sample themes or topics:

  • New leader
  • Succession planning
  • High potential 
  • Performance

Leadership Development Workshops

Learn how to be a leader who can bring out the best in their teams.

Made-for-you workshops and short-term programs that provide senior managers, middle managers and new managers with both skills and practice on essential leadership skills. 


  • Leaders as Career Coaches Program
  • Control Less, Enable More
  • Building a Thriving and Engaged Workforce
  • Creating Psychological Safety in Your Team
  • Bringing Out the Best in Your Team
  • New Manager Training

Other topics may also be requested and customized for you.


Coaching and Workshops for Teams

Provide employees with professional support in their career development and well-being.

Group or individual coaching and mentoring programs for teams that need a boost in unleashing career and performance possibilities towards creating action and results. 


  • Career Planning and Strategy
  • Leading Self for Career Development and Growth
  • Winner’s Mindset
  • Managing Change and Building Resilience
  • Rediscovering the Hero in Me
  • Networking 101
  • Career Advancement and Growth

Other topics may also be requested and customized for you.

Start unlocking new conversation strategies with this bonus:

Easily navigate challenging conversations with your employees with A Leader’s Conversation Guide

What my clients say…

This is my 2nd time to attend Kurly's workshop and I've been a client of hers in her coaching sessions. I always find it helpful and fun to be part of Kurly's workshop. It helps me find me focus again.


Digital Marketer

Very effective communicator and facilitator. Activities are fun and engaging. Sessions were never boring.

Quality Supervisor


Taking the coaching journey with Kurly opened up valuable perspectives in the way I approach situations, both in my personal and professional life. Her insights and direction are always on point and transformational.

Lue Espine

Vice President, China Bank

Why work with me

Organizations I've worked with

What my clients say…

Coach Kurly has been a great help in gaining clarity and self-control that helps me become better everyday. Regardless of what's happening outside, I have more peace and drive.


Entrepreneur & Business Owner

My sessions with Kurly were moving and life changing. I deeply appreciate the way our conversation unfolded, and ended up realizing that I have the tools needed to move forward. I highly recommend her as a coach.

Hanz Cubillan

Director - PMO and L&D

More than supporting me to be effective in my job, she motivated me by really understanding what my values were and helped me understand how to translate it to something meaningful for the team. Her approach really helped me become more cognizant and critical of what I can do and how I can deliver what was expected of me.

Johnfel Nepomuceno

Deloitte Consulting

Frequently Asked Questions

According to International Coaching Federation, “coaching is defined as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”


Watch this video where I explained what coaching is about.

One-on-one coaching sessions are scheduled through an online tool where you can easily book, pay and manage your appointments. Special schedule arrangements may also be agreed upon depending on the nature of the program or engagement.

All one-on-one coaching sessions are done online via Zoom, unless there is a special client request. Group sessions may be done either in-person or virtual.

Yes! All programs are customized to make sure that your objectives are met. A meeting is typically scheduled to gather information from the corporate client’s point of contact and additional information may also be requested to aid in the customization.

Yes, we can issue an official receipt upon payment.